Daily Bliss – April 24

The Angels remind us that we are but a shell of our old existence.  So why are we still trying to fit into it?  We move for growth and expansion; the old existence only serves to keep us confined.  Be free!  Grow!  Embrace the opportunities of the current existence, for it’s all we have in this moment!  

On the First Day

The door is open for me and you,
to uncover eternity and love incarnate,
though the keyhole remains hidden
to those who shield themselves from love,
so quiet your mind, like an infant, languish
in the pleasure of being pure and at one
with infinite life, for it was out of blackness
that the grand palm opened and extended
outward in all directions, and life was formed,
like a great sun, a glowing ball of fire
and light, each ray a perfect and divine
expansion of the original, distinct but not
separate, each extolling the source with its very
existence, extending into all space and
time, drawing from the ethereal
energy source to bring light into the world,
for on the first day, out of blackness,
God created light, and it was us
and it was perfect

©SpiritLed 2014

Goddess Rising

The energy in here is changing, she says, as she takes a drag
from her cigarette.  No sooner have the words fallen from her lips,

than a strong, cold wind blows open the door, whips around the
room, and knocks the cigarette out of her hand.  There before her,

in a swirling mass of lavender and ghostly white, hovers her greatest
love and her greatest fear.  In familiar solidarity, she opens herself

and feels the familiar rising from her pelvis, filing her abdomen with
white light, rising to her heart, radiating out to fill the room, moving

through her arms and legs, projecting beams of light from her feet and
hands, moving up to her throat, madly sounding a beautiful and foreign song

with her own voice, rising all the way up to her crown, emanating from the
top of her head, rising and churning and radiating within and around her,

spreading her farther and wider,  expanding and creating, out into the street,
the town, the planet, the stars, the moon, until she again becomes one with

 All There Is


© SpiritLed 2014

Birthing my Dreams

Recently I dreamed that I was with a woman who was giving birth.  I and the other women present were encouraging her as she worked when suddenly the thought came to me “just a head”.  Next, I looked at the birthing woman lying naked on her side, bearing down one last time as the baby crowned.  With one final push, the baby’s head emerged–and dropped to the floor.  Silence befell the room.  And there, in the stillness, a miracle occurred.  The baby’s body appeared, united with its discontinuous head.  Then I awoke.

I knew the dream was symbolic.  I’ve been hearing a voice sometimes while dreaming that says “This is important!  Remember this!”  However, I don’t usually wake up enough to write down my dreams and they’re lost by morning.  But this dream happened just before I woke for the day, and I knew instantly that it had deep meaning.  I pondered it for about a week, analyzing the possible symbolism.  What does birthing represent?  What can a headless baby possibly mean?  What about the body appearing?  

I started thinking about my life for the past few years, especially this whirlwind year:  my growth, my soul expansion, my dreams, my goals, my blocks.  And suddenly it came to me.  The birthing woman was ME, laboring to bring forth my own truth, my authentic existence to the world.  and just when I get to the moment of truth, the final moment when my labor of love is born into the world, it’s decapitated, lopped off by my fears, insecurities, distractions from the goal, feelings of unworthiness.  Despite all my hard work, there my dream rolls around, lifeless on the floor.  But in this dream, the body materializes and reconnects with its head.  The dream is made whole again, the labor complete, the need for mourning averted.  This is my message — the time is here for me to throw off fear, to reconnect my head to my body (which contains my heart), to go forth and do that which I am called to do.

Becoming a Creator

I took a long rest
A turning inward that started small
But grew to encompass a year or so sabbatical
During which I cloaked myself
In the caterpillar’s cocoon
Unknowing, going in, that change was inevitable
Only enjoying the solitude
The exploration of self
After so many years of living for the world
A short time (in the grand scheme of things)
To live for me

The caterpillar doesn’t realize
When she spins her protective barrier
That her entire makeup
Entirely new life is formed during her rest
And all the while the world goes on

I had a vision
I was on the edge of a ravine
With no end
Only unknown darkness
Those on the far side called, “We’re waiting.”
“Take the step.”
But I was too afraid
I was curious, felt the confines
Of the safety I’d created
But I wasn’t ready
And my uneasiness grew

Have you ever felt like you’re on the precipice,
Building up to a magnificent crescendo,
After which life as you know it
Will never be the same?
My wings were starting to form

The music became faster
The drumbeat more frantic
The tenseness of solitude
Began to nudge me from within
For often solitude becomes a fortress
Serves a purpose for rest and rejuvenation
But can hinder growth and expansion
Solitude became both a soul’s need
And a soul’s barrier
And the rhythm became stronger
Calling me to the next step in the journey

Until the realization came–
Creation is a birthright
The inner soul seeks to express
To use its gifts to affect the world
Shutting off of mind and body
Kills the soul
And with it joy, peace, and love
Contentment, happiness, gratitude, and health
Creation in all its forms brings new life
To a world that once seemed lost
A new message for this time

I’ve escaped my confines,
My self-imposed web of safety
Though I haven’t traveled far yet
The thin veil of freedom is still wrapped
Loosely around me
Drying in the sun
With the mandate to fully open to the world

Fear has taken up residence nearby
Tasked with showing me where I need to grow
Each day I take a step off that ravine
Into a darkness like no other
Each time I emerge with more
From deep inside
The pieces to the puzzle of a lifetime
Laid bare for all–

Don’t stand there and let the world happen to you, bending like a tree, subject to the wind.  Become a Creator.


The Beginning

This poem is about my mom.  I’ve been wanting to connect with her since she died 10 years ago, but never knew how.  She’s been recently contacting people close to me, trying to get messages to me.  Not too long ago, she told someone for me that all I had to do was to open the door and walk through it, and she would show me everything.  Soon after that, I saw her in my mind’ s eye, not my earthly mother, but her spirit form.  She was standing in a doorway, wearing long flowing robes, with her arms outstretched to me.  A week or so ago, I was meditating and finally was able to connect with her directly, to hear her voice.  During this meditation, she did something, I don’t know what, but the pure emotion of love that permeated me is almost indescribable in human terms.  I wrote this poem shortly after as an attempt to capture the experience.

Empty vessel
Energetic connection
You fill me up

We’re in this together, you say
I will help you
I always have

Please don’t leave
Stay just a bit longer

Warmth, expansion
Unconditional love

Emotion overwhelms
Pours out involuntarily
Gasping for breath
Praying to hold on to this experience

This is just the beginning

©SpiritLed 2012