The Time When Light Won

Staircase praise

If at first
You don’t reach the light
Try, try again,
For the light is not found fleeting,
Yet we are,
Our thoughts lost
In insincere and meandering ways,
Victims of the chaos that surrounds
With no preference to whom it takes asunder
In the throes of life

And so, we must not give up hope
Or lose ourselves to fear,
No matter how justified,
For these are the days of fortitude
And progress through transgression,
These are the days when we will recall
To our children’s children
The time when Light won

©SpiritLed 2017

Inner Truth

inner truth2

Dear ones,
It’s not your job to save the world
Though you may feel it heavy on your bones
Like the weight of a thousand tomorrows
Crashing down like an angry wave
Which slips violently onto shore
And back out again with only darkness on its lips

Carrying sand, shells, sediment
Churning the contents of the shallow wading pools,
Disrupting the fishes at the shore,
Creating a subtle new reality after its retreat

Only to give way to the next,
Relentless in its consistency and calm,
Churning and changing in the gentle light,
Never leaving the shore
The same as it was found

And so, in your daily walk,
When the call becomes a battle cry,
Let the waves land upon your heart with love,
Churning up the sediment of fear,
Disrupting the pattern of resistance,
Creating a new truth –
A truth which is only found inside

©SpiritLed 2017


Photo with person and angel wings

You’re here for a purpose
Lifetimes in the making
Converging now in this time,
This place,

For reasons of ancient intent and current necessity,
Your purpose now partially appearing
From behind the shroud of your mind,
Whispering hints as you manage,
Never giving up hope,
Always fighting back fear,

The world a vast mystery in the palm of your hand
Secure in your knowledge of purpose and reason
Yet “what,” “why,” and “how,”
These are the questions unanswered,

Revealed in due time
With the precision of angels
Brought down for the peace of this world

©SpiritLed 2017

New World

alien landscape with man on the beach

The time has come –
Once a whisper, now a battle cry
A wail in the deep soul of man;
The time for change,
A shift from fear to love,
To the lifeblood which fuels not one
But all

No longer can fear sustain
Or right the ways
Perpetrated for centuries and lifetimes,
Pain carried like a cross
Beating down on each next generation;
These days have past
And love has reared its pink-hued head,
A tipping point on the brink
And the tides are turning

Chaos embroiled with daily living
The disorder of change in our eyes
The sand in the glass raining down
On those who will not transcend
Swallowed whole, yet not before
Taking down with them incidental passers-by,
Their stillness an easy target,
Those who stake a flag may fall as well
Yet their sacrifice paves the way
For me and you

Where do you fall?
Where do you land?
In this new world,
Where do you stand?
In this new world order,
Everyone must make a choice
Complacency can no longer rule the day
Nor fear obstruct our way

©SpiritLed 2016