Shadow of Lady of Justice and light of God

People are alive,
Exploding from nothingness
Into awakening of senses,
Angry, restless, urging to step out
Make their presence known in this changing world

Where do we fit in?

How do we carry the light of justice and truth
Without getting burned in our own flame?

The sign of backlash is inevitable
In a world so full of passion,
So full of hunger for a new existence
Truth no longer gets us hanged or drowned,
Yet it still takes years sometimes to set us free

And so that freedom we seek
Must come from within,
Chains may hold our bodies
But nothing except lies and fear
May constrain the soul

©SpiritLed 2016



When you feel the world closing in
When it seems all is dark
And all is lost
And four walls ominously bear down
On a soul longing only for freedom

When you feel so tired
So exhausted, and you wish the world
Would turn without you
And sleep would heal all the tears
You didn’t have the strength to cry

When the pain is too much
The days are too long
The minutes turn to hours turn to days turn to years
Before your eyes
And all joy seems to fade away

When the dark night swirls around you
Know that We are here
From that place inside where you dare not go
The open space beyond all shadows
Your inner sanctuary
Where love and peace rule the day
And pain is no more

Seek us there, if you will
When this world gets to be too much
When it seems you can’t go on
We’re waiting

©SpiritLed 2016

Angels Weep


Not one of us is free
Until all of us are free

We hide behind our laws
Our badges
Our guns
Our politics
Our fears

We hide behind
What we have convinced our hearts to believe
About those with whom we share this earth
Yet our souls know the truth

That all people bear the light inside
While only some wear the chains of inequity
Only some taste what they believe is real freedom
And even they are often fooled

For power does not equal freedom
Nor does an unholy clinging to the idea
That only some are worthy

Not one of us is free
Until all of us are free
And the angels weep

©SpiritLed 2016

Angels Weep

What if?

message in a bottle

Why is freedom so coveted and yet so feared?  Is it because true freedom falls outside the neat little boxes we’ve created for ourselves called “comfort,” “safety,” “responsibility,” “lack,” and “societal expectations?”  Because we live in a world that values normalcy and fitting in, above the individual need and desire to spread our wings and fly into unknown territory?   Or even to be happy and fulfilled in an unconventional way?

How often do we see people leading extraordinarily different lives on our media outlets?   We most often see normal, not free.  We see that for so long and we start to think freedom is weird.  Only reckless, egotistical, selfish people can be free. The rest of us need – no, are expected—to cling to the safety and security of our normal lives, lives that fit into the neat confines of what normal people do.  We follow the rules, make our living, raise our families, and grow old with just as much love as the free people.  Yet we have a sadness, a longing, that never really goes away.  We rarely admit it, be we covet those free people.  We think they’re reckless and selfish, sure.  Yet deep down, we wish we could be reckless and selfish too.

What if we took a risk and ventured out of normal?  What would happen if we got a taste of freedom?  Would we lose all control?  Would we tear down our normal, safe lives and never look back?  Would we – gasp—feel a joy and a piece of us we’ve never known?



Hand of the Divine

guardian angel

The pain you feel is real
And oh so terrifying
Sometimes it feels you can’t escape

But I’m here to tell you
That healing is also real
If you let your heart and mind be open

In this moment, take my hand
I can lead you to still waters that gently soothe you
But you must choose to drink

You are held so dear
And yet, you always have the freedom
To choose your path into eternity

You will return there eventually
And hold the hand of the divine,
Your journey there is always your choice

©SpiritLed 2015

The Box


You’re like the others
I see you sitting in that box
And nothing inside me
Wants to climb in with you
I just feel sorry that I can’t

Life would be simpler
In there with you
And you might be happier too
But at what cost
My immobilized mind
Won’t even allow me to ask the question

I may struggle and worry you
But don’t ask me to get inside
Don’t ask me to give up this freedom
To close off my wings to the world
Like so many before me

Though in my infancy, I am an oracle
A messenger for those like me
To wake up and fly
A connection between heaven and earth

Don’t force me into your box
Instead, see the magic I bring to this world

©SpiritLed 2015

Don’t Give Up

Northern lights aurora borealis in the night sky

Don’t give up
You know you’re hearing
The sound of defeat
But freedom is just behind it

You know the path seems lonely
As if the world is against you
And you cry those lonely tears
We all cry in the dark night of our soul

You know no matter how far gone you feel
You can get back to center
The dark night’s stars will light the way
If you choose to look up

You know that your opening is your gift
Though the pain may seem to break you,
The value of the light revealed
Propels us all forward

Don’t give up
Don’t let the world get you down
Your path will set you straight,
Soothe your tears,
Guide you home

©SpiritLed 2015

The Other Side of Fear

Gate to heaven with sunny sky

Final entry in the Book of Life
Yet the night is still young
Still time to dance among fireflies
Pluck stars from the sky and carry them around
As our own personal lanterns

Let our wings fly free
As birds and butterflies in the wind
Enjoy the fire in our last days
As the captive souls we allowed for so long

New life is on the horizon
With all the fear and unknown it brings
And joy, let’s not forget the joy found
In freedom and change

Like the lifting up in prayer
Of a gentle loving heart
The body and mind opens to new wonders
Miracles, if you will
Facilitated by our willingness
To move forward through our fear
Connected to the mere possibility
Of eternity on the other side

©SpiritLed 2015