Letting Go, Letting Flow

Mountain river in the green forest

In the thick and the thin
Of the push and the pull
The daily earth grind
The far-out future
Left behind

The only path
Left to follow
Is the one you can’t see
It’s hard to move forward
Or even stay free

So follow you must,
Letting drop fears
As trees drop their leaves,
Flowing like rivers
In their banks by the trees

Continuing the journey
Through dark and through light
Letting go, letting flow
As the road winds its path
As the doubts come and go

Through the twists and the turns
The tears and the fears
The outcome uncertain
Yet the path always true
Letting go, letting flow
The choice is in you

©SpriitLed 2017

Let It Shine

let it shine

Activate your love powers
For all the world to feel,
Saturate your heart light
That those who touch you
May feel love’s warmth,
May no longer know the sting
Of tiny deaths we die each day
When love is not alive
And connection cannot be found

In your heart light
Lies the answers,
The prophecy,
For a kinder tomorrow,
A brighter soul space,
A living testament to the connection
That guides the future

Let it live within
Let it shine within
Reaching all the insides,
Radiating outside
Let it shine

©SpiritLed 2017

These Ghosts

The ghosts, they come and go
Lingering in the darkness of a crowded mind
Moving in and out, wispy and ethereal,
Making space for their meanderings
Between the walls of untrained thoughts
And loose-lipped whispers

Haunting, magical
Inescapable grace
Whispers of the past
Harbingers of a future yet unseen

These ghosts, they dominate the mind
When the mind dwells in past affairs
Swirling in and through the soul,
Making present lives but a hazy dream

These ghosts, they are but fiction,
A fragment of a dream already dreamt
No amount of clinging will bring them back
Or make them real again
These ghosts, just let them be

©SpiritLed 2017

Leaders of the Light



The days march by
slowly at first, then picking up speed
until one day there you are
picking up the pieces
of a life you never wanted
how did I even get here, you ask

But you know.

That mindless clock kept ticking
and you kept marching
and well here you are
pondering your divinity
on top of the mountain
called Responsibility
and Loneliness
and as the wind blows
cold against your defeated tears
a familiar voice whispers

“It’s not too late”

And the chill that passes through
your tired body
the hairs that stand on end
like a forest at attention
that is how you know

The thumping of your heart
the lump in your throat
it’s enough for you to at least consider
to stop the marching
dismantle the mountain
reroute your path to the present
attract more presence for the future
know that you are light incarnate
share that light from your high vantage point

We can all be leaders of the light

©SpiritLed 2015

Soul Ache

Mujer alada al borde de un risco

When your soul aches
for a life it has yet to see,
when your waking hours
are still dreams
of a future on the precipice,
when you give life to your imaginings
with just the light of your very eyes,
you know it is time,
time for your heart to take control,
open to the sureness of the unseen
move past the fear and take one step
off that crumbly ledge into darkness
unknown to eyes but not souls
falling, falling
caught in the wings of Love

©SpiritLed 2015

Share, Make, Light

Night sky praise

With your hands, build the future
one tiny piece of wire or brick
or drop of paint at a time

With your heart, love the world well
each hug, each kind gesture,
each forgiveness
one step closer to redemption

With your spirit, become the essence
of the world you want to see,
embody the Creator
in your every thought,
in your soul’s flow,

so that Earth in its tragedy
may embody Heaven
on its hill of salvation
reachable, connecting,
a shining light of hope

©SpiritLed 2015