Daily Bliss – October 9

The Angels remind us that we naturally have access to a wide range of emotions. This is a gift, to be able to feel and express multiple, and even conflicting, emotions at any given time. But we can’t pick and choose only the “good” ones.  It’s a package deal, and we must be willing to explore them as they arise. 


Daily Bliss – August 9

The Angels remind us to appreciate the gifts we receive, even if they’re wrapped in packages we don’t understand or wouldn’t have chosen.  So many time we throw out something valuable because it doesn’t appear so on the outside.  As Mary Oliver writes, even darkness can be a gift.

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Wide Open Spaces

Vintage endless road, photo taken from front seat of a car, USA.

Wide open spaces
Lure us to places of infinite possibility
Where our minds dare not go
And our hearts already abide

Lingering in the morning dew
Basking in the sunshine
Crawling through the grasses
To find each tiny creature of inspiration

Each is a gift,
A treasure,
A moment of grace
Each embodies the newness of spring
And the familiarity of summer

Where narrow minds open to new realities,
New worlds,
New faces
Like an infant who knows nothing but connection
The wide open spaces bring us back again

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – February 19

The Angels want us to know that when we feel blocked, with blank minds and empty hearts, that is when we have the opportunity, the gift, of a clean slate.  We can write whatever we wish upon that page and send it out to the world fresh and new.  Let your inspiration flow through the empty moments, for that space in between is where we find the richness inside.