Daily Bliss – May 3

The Angels remind us that all things have spiritual meaning because all things are part of Spirit, Energy, God.   There are universal meanings and then there are the meanings we find in our hearts by connecting to our own spirits.  What meaning can we find around us today?

Love’s Intention

A stained glass window: Adam and Eve and the snake in paradise.

I am pure Light
and so you are
together we share our vision
make the world into a new
heaven on earth
usher in a peace
that darkness hid
since the first man and woman
met the apple
and the snake
cast away their innocence
and with it, their god
consumed all the darkness
so that future generations
should seek the light
forgetting our divinity
fighting only for individuality
negating our place in the kingdom
where Love intended
us to be

©SpiritLed 2015

Peace of the Light

Explosion of light towards heaven, sun. Religion, God

The peace of the light is upon you
Raise your hands to the earth
To the trees, to the skies
To the people across the lands
Who need your open embrace
Your peaceful mind

The oneness you build
Within your ignited heart
Builds the world in which
Tomorrows never end
And all the people Do-ing
Cease their tirades and their tyranny
Join hearts in peace and light
To become the Be-ing,
The one who connects us all with love

Spread your wings
For each of you possess
The guardians’ grace
The ability to rise up and hear
The voices, heed the call
In the light, all fear dissipates
And in love, the final battle won

©SpiritLed 2014

Earth Angels

Фантазия. Акварель, монотипия.

We are earth angels,
you and I

We walk the streets with bread in our pockets
feed truth to those who can’t be sated

We convene with demons on the lam
coax their claws out of the eyes of righteousness

We tear the flesh and dare not heal it
light the garden of your darkness with our seeping wounds

We grow flora in our hair, nurture earth’s creatures in our bosom
wash in salvation of the earth and stars and tides and of heaven itself

We tear down walls with artistry,
dance the feeling onto each page caressed with holy fire

We renounce the vows of poverty, silence, and suffering carried for lifetimes,
made for holy men but not for human angels

We are the earth’s mighty angels, you and I
ordained for the deliverance of men across doorsteps
of light and love, into the arms of the ancient spirit of One


God-Filled Cracks

grunge meditation background
Pristine ocean waves
call you to places you’ve never
dared to go, places inside
your mind where the light

burns bright and exposes
all your sullen and dingy
thoughts on god and why
he doesn’t show up in your life

more often, compels you to examine
under the force of the pounding waves
your acts of defiance
in the name of self-preservation

but which self is still unclear,
despite the microscope and
operating table where you can
carefully dissect and then put

the pieces back together
stitch by stitch, like a Frankenstein
doll with a porcelain heart,
stuck together with tacky glue

that is only guaranteed for a few years
and after that who knows what happens
to those shattered pieces?
Do they break apart and float,

getting lodged in the crevices?
Or do they simply disintegrate
as if they never existed?
You think the glue will hold

because you always were naïve
and the patched up parts
are your religion, the glue-filled
cracks where you find your god

SpiritLed 2014

The Ocean Within

Ebbing and flowing,
cleansing and nourishing,
the tiniest fish that swim
in your veins, to the largest whales
of your soul, rely on the life-giving
water from within, nourished by the sun through day,
directed by the tides at night, touched by
the hand of God and bestowed the power
to create and sustain life, to raise up
great storms and inspire the heart of man,
to love with great fury and tear down walls
built long ago by another people’s war

The water that makes you
is ordained with holy wings,
harness the power of the great ocean inside,
use it not for devastation of the unruly and
sinful parts, but as a sacred trough from which
all may drink and find the blessings of life

©SpiritLed 2014

On the First Day

The door is open for me and you,
to uncover eternity and love incarnate,
though the keyhole remains hidden
to those who shield themselves from love,
so quiet your mind, like an infant, languish
in the pleasure of being pure and at one
with infinite life, for it was out of blackness
that the grand palm opened and extended
outward in all directions, and life was formed,
like a great sun, a glowing ball of fire
and light, each ray a perfect and divine
expansion of the original, distinct but not
separate, each extolling the source with its very
existence, extending into all space and
time, drawing from the ethereal
energy source to bring light into the world,
for on the first day, out of blackness,
God created light, and it was us
and it was perfect

©SpiritLed 2014

Let the Light Shine Through

The great irony of humanity
Is that at our core
We are beings of pure light
And yet from birth our light is hidden
By our human form

As part of a physical existence
We experience many forms of pain
Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
Each experience a jagged wound
In our outer physical armor

As the pain whittles away our humanness
Two options are presented:
Fill in the lacerations with earthly vices,
Denial, anger, suffering
Or let the light shine through
Allow our pain to become a beacon for others
A small glimpse of the face of God

The choice is ours
The latter, our purpose on earth