{POETIC HEALING} The Gifts of Dark and Light

Sun and moon

At dawn
The sun seems not to play a role
In the fierce heat of the later day
In her dawning, she is light and free

Yet in her fullness
Her intensity sets fire to all she touches
Igniting passions to rise
And burn

And in the evening
The sun mercifully gives way to sister moon,
Her mystical softness hanging in the nighttime sky
Cooling down the tensions risen in the day

Turning passions into prayers
Heat into humble admiration
For the gifts of dark and light

©SpiritLed 2017

How to Quiet the Mind

quiet mind

The mind doesn’t quiet
Or slow its thinking
And would we even want it to?

It protects us,
Warns us,
Keeps us out of our own way

And also,
The mind creates fear
Indecision and doubt

And so we need a balance
Of logic and peace,
Protection and freedom,
A life free from self-imposed fear

And in that quest
We find stillness,
Gratitude for all our weary minds
Have shown us in love
And duty
Faithfully leading the way

Step aside
Let the heart lead
Let the mind rest
A gift for a lifetime of service

©SpiritLed 2017

Scattered Pieces of My Soul

Heart of dried petals of tea rose on blue background

As the sun rises again
The scattered pieces of my soul,
Strewn on the winds of time and change,
On waves of great pain and greater loss,

They call to me
Their voices lifting, lilting
Raising in vibration
To the tune of my own song

Calling, calling
Calling me home

And Spirit reaches out
Expands to embrace the rising chorus,
Gathers the lost children making their homes
In other people’s worlds

Raises its mighty wings with the rising light
And gently, tenderly assembles
My scattered, tattered bits,
My worthiness and belonging,

My gratified, satisfied soul,
Returned to perfect wholeness

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – November 26

The Angels want you to know that every time you sincerely express your gratitude with words or actions, it lights the way for someone who has lost the ability to feel hopeful in this moment. On this day of Thanksgiving, intentionally & passionately share your heartfelt gratitude, push it out to a world that so desperately needs it, that all may know hope, all may know peace, all may know the grace of Thanksgiving.


be the change

Do you see the signs around you?
Do you catch the subtleties
of human form and language,
the gestures that, though invisible,
may signify the change that is to come?

Do you feel it in your bones,
like an ache that cannot be quenched
with all the fire in the universe,
yet softens with only love’s touch?

Do you run in quiet fields
with tall grass, listening to the whisper
as each blade glides against another
as your feet swish in the underbrush
stepping to the time of nature’s rhythm?

Do you laugh as if a child,
with the freedom and grace that is confidence
in endless tomorrows
and eternal play?

Do you gather all the signs,
hold them close to your body
in the place where love enters you,
shout forgiveness and gratitude
and fiery tears into the blackened sky,
counting every blessing, every gift,
every challenge that brought you to your knees,
raise hands to tomorrow,
whatever that may be,
whatever you may become?

The doing

Do you see the signs?

©SpriitLed 2015

Brokenness and Reconciliation


Love what you have
for the good things will come
when you least expect,
though not when you are busy
loathing that which you
already possess

Love what you have,
both the joys and challenges
brought with life,
your worth is not made up
of things or people or situations,
but rather the love you bring to each,
the grace with which you encounter
both the joys and unpleasantries

The vessel will find itself with many cracks
and struggle to stay full in life,
each setback creating a new spiderweb of compromise
to the foundation that is the very core which bears a stable life,

Yet the one who wisely fills in the cracks with gold
may still hold water, nourishing self and others
with the cool drink of loving-kindness

The one who loves the cracks
as part of the whole,
sees the beauty and power
of brokenness
and reconciliation

©SpiritLed 2015