Daily Bliss- October 25

The Angels remind us that abundance comes from faith, trust, and being.  Like happiness and peace, we don’t obtain abundance from perfect relationships, perfect jobs, perfect life circumstances, or from the collection of “stuff.”  Abundance, happiness, and peace and inherent.  We only need find them within ourselves.

Daily Bliss – April 28

The Angels want us to know that there isn’t another shoe waiting to drop, something bad isn’t waiting to happen, and happiness isn’t around the next corner, out of reach.  The potential for all good is with us all the time, in our perception of reality, and in our willingness to accept what is.  Even in bad times, we have  love and light inside.

Some Days

Not a good day
Feeling stuck & hopeless
Fearful actually
Fearful that my hopes & dreams
Are but an illusion
To keep me in a happy place
While I waste away
In my current existence
If I can be excited & hopeful
For the future
The present doesn’t seem so bad, right?
Fearful, too, that I might actually
Reach my goals
And then what?
Will I really be happier?
Is the grass really greener
In that pasture?
Some days it doesn’t seem worth it.