Are YOU an Awakening Angel?

Awakening Angels Circle2

As Awakening Angels, we are unlike any others.  We feel deeper, see deeper, and experience life deeper than most.  We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, and because of that, we’ve lived most of our lives serving the needs of those around us, often neglecting our own needs in the process.

And still, that small voice inside, the one that reminds us that we have a purpose, never leaves our side, no matter how overwhelmed or out of sorts we get, no matter how much we ignore it.

I know, because I’ve been where you are. 

I lost my mom when I was 27, after eight years of illness, and I never really took the time to grieve or heal from that great loss.  I simply went on with life. I got married, had children, and completely ignored my own self care for many years.  As a result, I struggled with chronic stress and illness which left me nearly debilitated in my 30s.  At my lowest point, I thought that struggle and overwhelm was my fate, that I was destined to simply survive whatever the world threw at me.

But in those quiet moments, when I was truly honest with myself, I knew deep down that this wasn’t the life I was supposed to live.  That I was here to do more than struggle.  And I wanted so badly to feel better that I could no longer accept my “fate”.   So, I spent the last several years cultivating tools to help me heal from my past, balance my life, and connect with my inner guidance:  my soul, my higher self, and most especially my angels.

Last year, at the urging of my angels, I finally published my first book, The Angel Inside: Inspiration to Connect with Your Inner Guidance.  Ironically, I fought the guidance I was receiving, doing everything I could to avoid writing this book.  However, angels can be persistent; they know when something is needed in this world.  And they know who needs to bring it to life.

What I would have given during my own time of awakening and healing to have had a group of heart-centered, awakening women to help support and inspire me, to help me not feel so alone, to ensure me I wasn’t actually crazy, to hold my hand as I followed my path.   To hold space for me to grow in my spiritual awareness, help me identify areas which need healing and support and elevate my self-care practices, support me to explore the voice pushing me into something new to confront the blocks which seemed to hold me back.

At the urging of my angels, I now offer to you what I didn’t have then: Support.  Inspiration.  Compassion.  Healing.  Empowerment.  Growth.  Connection.

Why Now?

“When women come together and make a commitment to each other to be in a circle with a spiritual center, they are creating a vessel of healing and transformation for themselves, and vehicle for change in their world.”
~Jean Shinoda Bolen

Women have gathered in circles for centuries to connect, grow, develop, and heal.  The power of circles is that we grow not only from our own work, but from bearing witness and holding space for the work of others.  In circles, we are all equal. Our resources are multiplied, our support magnified.

In these times of unrest across the globe, the power of women coming together for spiritual development, self care, healing, and connection to inner guidance cannot be understated.  The world desperately needs healing and the best way to go about this is for women to first work on  themselves, creating a global ripple effect of awakening, fierce compassion, and holistic service.

Women participating in the Awakening Angels Circle will work together to explore powerful topics such as:

  • Safety, Security, and Trust
  • Worthiness and Openness to Change
  • Self-Care and Self-Compassion
  • Speaking and Living Your Truth
  • Seeing New Ways to Move Forward
  • Connection to Self and Spirit

For more details on each of these topics, visit A Spirit Led Life.

Now is the Time…

Now is the time for you to reclaim self-nurturing, shift your energy, and heal your wounds.

Now is the time for you to dig deep into your inner knowing and get reconnected with the truth of who you are and why you’re here.

Now is the time for you to awaken and heal, so you can safely and confidently help to deliver the world into a more awakened existence.

Now is the time for you to:

  • Learn to trust your inner guidance and ask for Divine assistance regularly
  • Explore, connect, and evolve on your personal spiritual path
  • Cultivate greater self-love and self-healing
  • Receive support and encouragement for your healing and growth
  • Share ideas and resources
  • Receive clarity around perceived blocks
  • Be held accountable for changes and commitments
  • Experience authentic connection with other like-minded women

If you feel that calling within, and you feel led to seek support on your path, I invite you to keep reading and learn more about this small and exclusive circle of women.

The Circle

Awakening Angels Circle is a unique and exclusive monthly offering for 8 women who wish to enhance self-care for body, mind, and spirit, grow their resources and support for self-healing and spiritual awareness, and connect to their inner guidance encircled by the safety and sacred space of other soul-centered women.

While the exact structure may change from session to session in support of the women present, each session will include:

  • Opening and Connection
  • Member Check-in
  • Group Support
  • Guided Meditation
  • Spirit Journaling
  • Individual Goal Setting

Start Date

The next circle starts May 27, 10am-noon (location TBD).  We’ll continue to meet the last Saturday of the month, with consideration for holidays and other scheduling conflicts as they arise.

Cost and Commitment

Because growing inner guidance and building confidence and trust in ourselves and others takes both patience and persistence, all group members must agree to regular attendance for at least six months.  You may attend one circle to ensure it’s a fit.  Afterwards, a  commitment is expected.  You may pay monthly ($39/month) or pay for six months in full and receive a discount ($210 – save $24).


As a bonus for joining the circle, all participants will receive:

  • The Angel Inside:  Inspiration to Connect with Your Inner Guidance (Kindle download).  Receive a downloadable version of my inspirational guide to connecting with the inner guidance from your angels.  Readable via a free downloadable Kindle e-reader if you don’t have a Kindle device.
  • Soul Journal (PDF download).  Receive a custom journal to guide and complement your soul journey.
  • Chakra Balancing and Connection (distance). I will assess and clear each one of your chakras, as well as your energy field.  I’ll take notes and share any intuitive feedback I may receive to support your growth and healing.

Questions?  Ready to join?

Due to the nature of spiritual development, it is imperative that the circle remain small and that all members are committed to their ongoing own growth and to supporting the growth of others.  For that reason, I speak with each potential member prior to joining the group, to ensure it is a good fit for everyone with respect to personalities, goals, interests, etc.  If you would like to inquire more about the circle, click the link below!


Please note that this currently this is a local offering (Louisville, KY area).  I plan to make this a virtual offering in the near future. Stay tuned!

Full Out Love: Healing into 2017

Freedom Concept Background
There’s not doubt this has been a tough year in many ways.  Personally, I’ve had an overall good experience, yet I can’t help but be affected by all that’s transpired around me:  dozens of artists’ deaths, a still-contentious election, the destruction of Aleppo, a global migrant crisis, multiple fatal police shootings and the unrest that followed, deadly worldwide earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires, the protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Pulse nightclub shooting…the local and national list goes on and on.

The magnitude of these events – or perhaps it’s just the mindset I’m in these days –motivates me to stop and think deeply about my part in these global events.

How do they affect me and those I love?  What could have I have done differently?  What could I do going forward to have even the slightest effect?

I think about A Spirit Led Life and the impact it already has on my clients, students, and readers.  I know because you tell me, and it means so much to me!   I also think about my family and friends, my place of work, my online connections near and far, and even the companion animals that share this life with me.  We all impact each other in big and small ways.

It starts with us. We can’t focus globally without also focusing locally. These bigger world events are simply a big-picture reflection of the unrest and turmoil we carry in our hearts.  We the people are unbalanced, and therefore so is the world.  We see it every day.

So what is the answer?  

I’m not certain there is one single answer.  Nevertheless, one phrase keeps coming to mind when I consider my focus for the coming year:  LOVE FULL OUT.

“The world doesn’t want to be saved.  It wants to be Loved.
That’s how we save it.”
~April Peerless

I know “love” is mostly seen as some cliché new-agey concept.  I know love alone does not end wars, or stop riots, or resolve post-election turmoil.  Love does not bring people back from the dead or keep those we love from dying.  It doesn’t end our suffering.  Perhaps that’s why it’s so overlooked and undervalued.

Yet, I know from practicing energy work that the world is in desperate need of love.  Not romantic or familial love, but deep soul connection.  People are so parched that when I sit in meditation and send out the energy of love to all people, it feels like a massive sponge, soaking it all up.  People can’t get enough.

Our daily lives don’t exactly set us up for success in this regard.  We are busy, harried, disconnected, rushing from one thing to the next.  Most days are one big checklist of activities.  We even schedule times for intimacy and connection.  Or worse – we don’t.

We have to take time to refocus our energies.  That’s the message I’m getting.  We can’t keep on like this.  Our world can’t keep on like this.  Each of us can play a small role, make small changes toward a greater good.  Each of us can LOVE FULL OUT.

What does loving full out look like?  Well, I have a few ideas.

Loving full out means we are here in the moment.  Right now.  Wholly and exclusively with the person or people we love.  Giving them our full attention in that moment.  Nothing else.  No one else.  Being present means losing the distractions.  It’s a tough sell because we are a distracted people.  For the sake of those who need us, and for ourselves, we need to put down the devices, the chores, the activities, and simply be aware, be alive, and be present.

We can’t be fully loving when we’re full of judgments or carry resentments and anger from past experiences.  Loving full out means we stay curious about the world around us, and about our role in it.  We don’t get caught in the drama and the fear and the political or social entanglements that cause division. Instead, we stay open to what drives other people, even if we don’t agree with them.  We look for the areas of similarity instead of focusing on differences.  And we do the work to get past all the old, painful stuff that still binds us to the past.

This is tough for many of us because receiving involves vulnerability.  And we’ve been hurt.  We’ve been judged.  We’ve learned that the world isn’t safe.  And the world sure doesn’t look safe in many ways right now.  That’s why the worlds needs us to be open and to love full out right now.  We can give, give, give all day long and we will only get exhausted. We need to be able to receive as well.  And not only to receive but to discern what is healthy and needed and what can be turned away.  We don’t have to receive everything that comes at us, just as we don’t need to give our whole selves away.  We need a balance. The world needs us to balance.  The world needs our giving AND our receiving, as well as our conscious choice to break up the blocks that keep us from receiving all the love and goodness available for us too.

This new year is likely to be tough in many ways, and yet it has so much potential, especially if we all make the commitment to LOVE FULL OUT – our loved ones, our enemies, our politicians, our world leaders, our animals, our earth, ourselves.  Loving full out means embracing it all.  We can’t pick and choose who and what gets our full-out love.  It’s a package deal.   And it only serves to benefit us all.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting we all have to like everyone.  There are people who do hurtful things, and hurtful things need to be addressed.  I’m not suggesting we all run out and forgive everyone for everything.  Some things take time to move past.  Some things we never get past.  I’m only asking that we open ourselves to a deeper, richer, more vulnerable way of interacting in the world, and with our own selves.   For our sakes, and the sakes of all living beings.  Just a small amount of love poured into the world from more individuals can make a huge energetic impact on us all.

Are you ready for the challenge?  Ask yourself:

Where in my relationships can I love full out?
Where do I need more work in letting past hurts go?
How can I allow myself to be more vulnerable?
How can I be more present in my own life and the lives of those around me?
Where can I set my judgments aside and be more curious about others’ lives, beliefs, and choices?
In what other ways can I love full out?

These are just a few ways to love full out.  I know you have more ideas to share.  And I want to hear them!    Let’s stay connected this year and support each other in staying committed to loving full out, in all aspects of our lives (because we can’t do it in just one or two areas of life anyway!).

I invite you to join me in my Facebook group, Heal Yourself, Heal the World, to attend classes and programs coming this year (look for announcements!), and to become a private client if that calls to you.  Whatever we can do together to keep growing, keep learning, and keep LOVING FULL OUT!

Much love, light, and healing for a happy 2017!

6 Ways to Relish in Rituals During the Holidays

Santa Claus opening a red Christmas present

This week, let’s look at ways that rituals can help us maintain peace and minimize stress during the holidays.  As humans, we naturally gravitate toward ritual, ceremony, customs, traditions and other formal ways to express our commitment to what is important to us.  We recite wedding vows, shake hands when we meet someone, and give gifts at Christmas.  We follow daily rituals, such as practicing personal hygiene, getting dressed, preparing ourselves (and perhaps our children for the day), making dinner in the evening, and getting ready for bed.

Rituals are a natural part of our lives, whether we realize it or not.  They give us comfort and a sense of control.  They help us feel connected to what’s going on around us and to each other.   They create a sense of commitment to our shared history.  Rituals can help us get through the holidays as well.

When we connect mindfully to the rituals we practice and cherish, we can use those rituals to keep us grounded and connected not only to others, but to ourselves during times of stress.  When we feel chaotic and overwhelmed, becoming grounded helps us regain peace.  The repetitive practice of a beloved ritual can be not only comforting, but also grounding and healing.

Often we overlook rituals as unnecessary wastes of time.  So many times when my kids were younger I got exhausted with the bedtime ritual and wish it would be over sooner.  I could think of a dozen other things being neglected by the time I spent lying in bed until a restless child settled down.  But truthfully, I enjoyed it more often than not.  Those moments in the dark and quiet forced me to relax and be in the now.  And sometimes they were downright magical.   Now, at ages 12 and 14, the bedtime routine belongs to them.  I get to tuck them in, but they no longer require the books and snuggling.  All that time I have now for me is in exchange for my time with them.  What I wouldn’t give some nights to have those early rituals back!

Though rituals change with development, growth, and time, the adherence to ritual still brings us stability and peace.  Below are six ideas for simple rituals you can incorporate into your holiday season.  You don’t have to make it difficult.  Simply pick what speaks to you and allow yourself to being truly and deeply in the moment.  No rushing, no robotic steps to check it off the list.  Relish in the time they take and the value you receive from the process.  Allow them to be magical.

  • Volunteer.  Donate time to a soup kitchen, do some virtual work.  Gain perspective on your stress from serving others.
  • Do some baking.  Get out the cookie cutters & rolling pin & do some baking.  The end result is worth it!  Enjoy your favorite recipes.  Don’t skimp on your favorites, tweak them with healthy updates (or not) & indulge in the tastes of the season!
  • Enjoy some holiday sightseeing.  Look at the lights & decorations through the eyes of a child, with wonderment & excitement!
  • Get creative.  A new project may seem daunting, but tapping into your creative outlet can actually reduce stress & increase joy.  Make a few gifts, or design your own cards.  Maybe paint a room in your house.  Whatever stirs your creative juices!
  • Sing holiday songs.  Immerse yourself in the sounds of the season & be sure to sing along.  Let the music soothe away your stress (great voice not required)!
  • Journal.  Write down your thoughts, experiences, creative musings.  Release it onto paper then burn it if you need to!

What rituals do you enjoy this time of year?  Do you see them as burdens, additional tasks on the to-do list?  Or do you see them as joyful, soothing ways to stay connected to yourself and the meaning of the season?  Head over to my Facebook group and join the conversation!

And remember in these last weeks before Christmas to take time to deeply experience & enjoy whatever holiday rituals & traditions are meaningful to you.

Love light,

Transforming Chaos into Love

Heart shape made of butterflies on vintage field background

It’s been a roller coaster of a week, right?  For so many, it feels like the world is on the brink of monumental change.  And perhaps it is.  Is that such a bad thing?  I suppose it depends on who you ask.

What we do know is that, if nothing else, is that it feels chaotic and uncertain. 

So what to do now?  How to move forward? This question has different answers, depending on your worldview, beliefs, and values.  Spiritual teaching tells us that fighting against something only gives us more of it.  Yet we all need to find ways to feel safe and honored in our world, our communities, our homes, and our own bodies.  And to help others feel safe and honored as well.  In contemplating over the last week on how best to do this, I keep coming back to LOVE.

It’s a platitude, yes.  But I feel it’s become that because we’ve never given it the teeth it deserves.  We reduce love to nothing more than an emotion, when in reality, it’s an ACTION.  An intentional, daily choice to get up, take care of ourselves, other  people, and our world, and then do it again tomorrow.

Sadly, most of us don’t make love a daily action.  And understandably so.  We’re busy.  We see hate and indifference and injustice all around us.  It’s overwhelming.  And now here we sit, surrounded by chaos.

How then, can we transform this chaos into actionable love?

Do your homework – It is imperative in this day and age to be discerning.  We have an overload of information available to us at any given moment, and not all of is accurate or truthful.  What’s worse, much of what we read or watch only serves to support what we already believe.

If a story evokes a strong emotional response, that’s a trigger warning.  Instead of sharing, do your research.  Question everything.  Check sources.  Check your source’s sources.  Don’t share unverified memes and articles (here’s a link to fake, misleading, and satirical news sources).  Read up on history.  Read across your political and religious lines.  Information that is unkind or unbelievable is also often untrue, so follow that rule your mom taught you: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”    Better yet, go sit alone in prayer or meditation for a while and contemplate:  Is this kind? Is it true?  Is it necessary?

Why is this important?  Discernment is a valuable life skill.  It keeps us safe and healthy.  It helps us grow our natural gift of intuition.  And more importantly, love equals truth.  Love doesn’t need to lie to make its point or sway others to its side.

Lend people an ear (and an eye) – We want to be seen and heard.  We need to be seen and heard.  It’s basic human connection.  We want to know that our opinions, values, beliefs, traditions, and voices are important and they matter.  Because they are and they do.  And we don’t tend to listen to others until we feel heard ourselves.

Women and men sit in circles all over the world honoring each other’s truth, listening to each other’s voices, and witnessing each other’s range of emotions.  Without judgment.  Without debate.   It can be done.  People the world over also hold intense discussions around topics on which they have different views and beliefs.  They do it without name calling.  Or condemnation.  Or threat.  Or silence.  It can be done.

Why is this important?  As we open ourselves to other viewpoints and opinions, it paves the way for common ground.  Moreover, this kind of engagement – listening, witnessing, allowing for and encouraging differences and debate – relies on vulnerability, and love thrives in vulnerability.

Give love a voice – We’ve been taught that love is patient and kind, never envious or boastful or proud.  Not easily angered not keeping a record of wrongs.  This is nice, but frankly it also can keep us comfortable and tethered to passivity.

Sometimes, love needs to be loud.  Love needs to growl and howl and make its presence known.  Love needs to take center stage, even if it is booed.  Love needs to be outraged. Love needs to have a voice.  An angry voice.  A powerful voice.  A voice that speaks despite quivering with fear. A voice that makes us sit up and take notice.  A voice that demands a better future.

Why is this important?  Passive love feels nice for a while, but it doesn’t move us forward. Instead, we risk complacency and comfort, which makes us easy targets.  Love does not have to be quiet and submissive to get its point across.

Going forward, I encourage you to transform the chaos and give love a voice in your own way.  Sing, shout, dance, heal, protest, cry, celebrate, laugh, write, speak, study, collaborate, be the change you want to see.

And whatever you do, do it with the voice of love.

Love & light,

P.S. If you’re feeling chaotic and need some love, reach out to me.  Through the end of November, I’m offering free distance healing.  Just contact me and you’ll be feeling the love in no time!