Daily Bliss – July 10

The Angels remind us that home can be many places – where we make our lives, where our loved ones reside, where our hearts long to be.  All of these can be a part of our lives by honoring the call of each from within. 

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Earth Angel Ballad

Daylight Angel banishes night
Making our way, on down the line
Through the cadence and chorus, the withering vine
Of time on the lam, down lanes in the rain
Flitting like butterflies, wings stretched to the sun
Ready and waiting, new adventures to come

Despite flashes of lightening, rumbling across the great sky
The path we are travailing, a dark stain in heart’s eye
Full of the perils of a life fully-lived
Dodging the arrows so generously given

Piercing our hearts, allowing the bleed
To drain us of that which we don’t really need
Leaving a path for others who follow
So their way may be easier, less difficult to swallow

Forsaking ourselves for the task at our hand
Marching along to our very own band
The sun setting lower, the time drawing near
Undaunted by difficulty, hard work, or fear

The time is at hand, the time where we know
The new world is upon us, we all are now home

©SpiritLed 2017

Passion Rising

heart sun

When love is your passion
Your hobby’s not a game,
It’s a lifestyle,
A movement,
A yearning deep within that can’t be quenched
By momentary attention or periodic preparedness

No, you must feel the passion rising every day
Until it’s lodged in the makings of your soul,
The first thought of the day,
Before the apricot sun makes her way to the sky,
The final dream before the rising of the moon in your heart

These dreams, they must be tapped, developed, nurtured,
Alchemically converted and swallowed whole
Becoming you
Consuming you

Passion rising in your spirit
Until Spirit guides you home

©SpiritLed 2016

Higher Self

beautiful woman fluttering hair and space earth

Under the night sky my mind wanders,
Floats to different days,
Times of great strife and great plenty,
Times when the wind howled
But I was not afraid
Because I knew you

Then, the light shone through
And illuminated the world,
Each being, each dark soul
Crossing the bridge, starting a new life
Out of the darkness
Drawn like moths to flame
The flames of their hearts longing for something new
A lighthouse in the mist to guide them home

Once across they huddled ‘round
Reaching toward your robes, your wings,
But you sent them on,
Moving forward,
Driven not by you,
But by the light they now carried too
Their own light of discovery and transformation,
A light for survival in a dark world,
A light of hope
Powered by love

This light you carry never dims
Unless you choose to no longer see
And all I need do to see it too
Is set my dreams to higher times,
And the dimension where the self
Inherently knows the way

To the light
To the love
To the power within to bring men home

©SpiritLed 2016

Do Love, See Love, Be Love

Miniature car carrying red heart cushion

In the great lapse
That is our time on earth
We are called for just one purpose
To do love
See love
Be love

Above all else
Each and every day

And yet the act of being human
Obscures the path to love
And so we struggle an entire lifetime
With this one simple task
To do love
See love
Be love

It’s love that will bring us home
Rebuild the crumbling pieces of our hearts
Love is who we are
Now and forevermore
Whether we remember our journey
Or simply keep forging our way
A spark of knowing as our guide

To do love
See love
Be love

©SpiritLed 2016

We Are Home

Eternal Journey

The gentle song
Moves through my heart again
Echoing like a lifetime of love contained
Connecting to all the crusty parts
Singing, “You are home”

And yet I resist,
I draw it out with everyday noise
Though humming the tune
When no one is watching
Humming, reviving, you are home

And why, I ask
Does life move so slow?
Why must I wait for the good things?
And the song still courses through my veins
You are home

Time it takes
The time it takes
Until we see the truth
Until we sing our song
Until we know we are home

©SpiritLed 2016


Milky Way

The only time more extraordinary
Than the day of my birth
Is that of my re-birth,
The moment I started to become aware
Of the greater path set before me,
Of the greater being that I am

No matter how hard I tried to hide the real me
Or forgot my soul amidst the work of existing,
Re-birth brought me back
Step by often painful step,
Moment by moment,
To an awakening of Me –

My true potential
My true self
The true depth and expansiveness
Of my soul

My time has come,
The star shines brightly above
To light my way
To lead me home

To lead you home

©SpiritLed 2016