Do Love, See Love, Be Love

Miniature car carrying red heart cushion

In the great lapse
That is our time on earth
We are called for just one purpose
To do love
See love
Be love

Above all else
Each and every day

And yet the act of being human
Obscures the path to love
And so we struggle an entire lifetime
With this one simple task
To do love
See love
Be love

It’s love that will bring us home
Rebuild the crumbling pieces of our hearts
Love is who we are
Now and forevermore
Whether we remember our journey
Or simply keep forging our way
A spark of knowing as our guide

To do love
See love
Be love

©SpiritLed 2016

Soul Shine

Light in woman hands. Giving, protect, care, energy concept.

Once the newness has worn off
Will you still be able to find the shine
Or rub off the accumulated dirt and grime
Until the new shows through again?

Each day is an opportunity
Despite the woundedness, and the being human,
To find the shine in every little thing
The buzz that makes you feel all tingly and alive

Each day a new expression
Of the uniquely created spirit
That dwells within each of us
A new day, a new opportunity
To share the Light

©SpiritLed 2015

In the Heart of All that Is

Love mandala

Get out of your own mind,
fraught with worry and doubt,
think with your soul,
drop down into your heart,
open wide to reconnect
with the ancient wisdom
that can only be found in silence,
listening with invisible ears
which hear deeper, wider,
and more passionately than any human sense,
sensing from the very depths of being,
casting out all that isn’t real,
focusing only on that which can be defined as love,
real love that doesn’t cause pain
or crack under pressure,
or break when the agony of the world becomes too much to bear,
real love that flows smoothly with no bumps or turns,
flowing with the urgency of unconditional connection
to the greater Love,
the one who is love and shares love
outside the mind
beyond the body
in the heart of all that is

©SpiritLed 2015

Your Song

Virtual Music

Dear ones,
the world was made for you,
for you to experience the joys
and pain of being human,
and though you fight
against the beingness of you
though you deny the essence
of your true nature
you are still loved.

A host of angels
could not proclaim loudly enough
how much you are loved and needed
in this life.

Open your soul to the great song,
let it blend with your bones
and course through your veins,
for you wrote it,
your song,
an eternity ago
and it still lives in you.

©SpiritLed 2015

Quest for Fire

fiery beauty

From birth
your light is massive,
expansive in its source,
yet being human keeps it dim,
hides away the greatness,
the vastness of the being inside.

Where you fan the flame
the world attempts to put it out,
until it smolders in silence,
sometimes for decades,
often an entire life,
drowned by the ashes of its overcoming.

So then, your quest is to find your fire,
douse it with the fuel of Love –
the only energy which the world cannot obscure,
the only source which cannot be burned up
in the combustion of humanity

©SpiritLed 2015


Beach door

You look across this human life between
Right and Wrong
Black and White
Good and Bad
Life and Death
and howl in roaring discontent
for lives well-spent in others’ cages

Yet all things bear extremes and
in betweens and in the grey
is where the magic happens:

     humanity comes alive
     peace is sought and won
     lives are laid down for one another

Your days of love’s labor
are not long for this world,
the distance between heaven and hell
becomes but a speck of dust
you carry in your pocket
along the uneasy, winding way to dusk’s door
and dawn’s welcoming embrace

©SpiritLed 2014