Darkness Within, Uncovered

Darkness Uncovered

This too shall pass,
The whispers whisper,
Yet it feels like darkness stays forever
And light refrains from illuminating
The places inside and out
Which need the light for mere survival

And yet it is in these moments
That the whispers also whisper
A reminder,
An ancient recollection:

Although the light is seeking us
We must also seek the light;
Illumination comes from opening the inner heart,
Withstanding not resisting,
Courageously opening to it,
Going through it,

For often, they whisper,
The greatest insights are discovered
From the darkness within, uncovered

©SpiritLed 2017


Beautiful woman praying in mountain landscape

When did you first feel the flutter,
the tiny movements of eternity
stirring deep within your belly?
When did you first notice
that light attracts to light,
that the more you shine and glow
your light is multiplied
by connections made in darkness?
Growing brighter,
growing stronger,
though they strive to keep you parted,
though you fight to feel your depth,
though you try to hide your brilliance,
still they come,
gathering in your illumination,
in the exponential expansion
of Light and Love

©SpiritLed 2015