Do Love, See Love, Be Love

Miniature car carrying red heart cushion

In the great lapse
That is our time on earth
We are called for just one purpose
To do love
See love
Be love

Above all else
Each and every day

And yet the act of being human
Obscures the path to love
And so we struggle an entire lifetime
With this one simple task
To do love
See love
Be love

It’s love that will bring us home
Rebuild the crumbling pieces of our hearts
Love is who we are
Now and forevermore
Whether we remember our journey
Or simply keep forging our way
A spark of knowing as our guide

To do love
See love
Be love

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – October 14

There will always be dips in the journey.   Low points do not mean the journey is over, or even stalled.  Use these times to rejuvenate & gather your strength for the next leg. Reevaluate the course if necessary,  but don’t allow the lows to deflect from your purpose, even if it’s not yet clear to you.  Enjoy the ride for what it is.

Hand of the Divine

guardian angel

The pain you feel is real
And oh so terrifying
Sometimes it feels you can’t escape

But I’m here to tell you
That healing is also real
If you let your heart and mind be open

In this moment, take my hand
I can lead you to still waters that gently soothe you
But you must choose to drink

You are held so dear
And yet, you always have the freedom
To choose your path into eternity

You will return there eventually
And hold the hand of the divine,
Your journey there is always your choice

©SpiritLed 2015


Compass in sand

A day late, a dollar short
what if you show up for the world like that?
Dragging behind you all your many things,
the people you’ve collected,
all the time you’ve wasted,
the world at your feet
and you don’t even see it.

Running this way and that
still looking for more,
showing up but rarely slowing down,
you feel the silence like grit between your teeth,
spitting it out like tobacco.

That’s our grit in there, they say,
our grit that polishes you to a shiny stone
and you cast it away,
watch it form a pillar on the ground
while you carry on with your unpolished ways,
searching, always searching,
for what’s already there,
available for the taking

©SpiritLed 2015