Daily Bliss – July 26

The Angels remind us that this world needs us, in all our glory, all our shame, all our joys, and all our pain.  There is no need to hide behind perfection; we are asked only to come as we are, and give what we can.  

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Daily Bliss – February 17

The Angels want us to know that fear is a part of life.  It’s all around us all the time.  Even those we most look up to feel fear.  Those who seem successful simply keep going.  Fear may seem like an enemy, but it can actually be our friend, guiding us to and through the places we most need to face.  Keep breathing, keep going…through the fear to the peace and joy on the other side.


Daily Bliss – January 19

The angels want to remind us that we spend a lot of time focused on what we offer the world, and not nearly enough time on what we can offer ourselves.  We have an overwhelming abundance of love, joy, and peace inside, and what slivers we have left after a long day, we still often squander away on something else.  Find 5 minutes,  just 5 minutes today to give just to YOU.  I promise to do it too. ❤