All As One


All creatures great and small,
They all are worthy,
As we are worthy too

Worthy of the kingdom we all left
Not too many years before,
Worthy of the light that shines from within

Worthy to be held and loved,
To be honored as a being
Of thought and feeling

All creatures deserve our loving-kindness,
The stardust and divinity that holds us together
Binds them together too

All as one,
In the kingdom
In the light

©SpiritLed 2015

Love’s Intention

A stained glass window: Adam and Eve and the snake in paradise.

I am pure Light
and so you are
together we share our vision
make the world into a new
heaven on earth
usher in a peace
that darkness hid
since the first man and woman
met the apple
and the snake
cast away their innocence
and with it, their god
consumed all the darkness
so that future generations
should seek the light
forgetting our divinity
fighting only for individuality
negating our place in the kingdom
where Love intended
us to be

©SpiritLed 2015