Become the Way

Earth - Beautiful Horizons

Rising energy
Of the setting sun
Isn’t lost on heavy hearts,
The winds of change howling in our ears

Instead, the pressure lifts us up,
Rising to the peak of our existence
Where we see blue above the clouds,
Sun on the horizon
From another side of the world

This perspective gives us wings
To raise our fearful energy to grace,
Envelope our hearts in compassion
For a darkened world turned light

And lift our healing hearts into the sky,
Rising, rising to meet the sun
The light, merging and emerging,
Into night, into day

Become the way,
For a people led astray

©SpiritLed 2017

Leaders of the Light



The days march by
slowly at first, then picking up speed
until one day there you are
picking up the pieces
of a life you never wanted
how did I even get here, you ask

But you know.

That mindless clock kept ticking
and you kept marching
and well here you are
pondering your divinity
on top of the mountain
called Responsibility
and Loneliness
and as the wind blows
cold against your defeated tears
a familiar voice whispers

“It’s not too late”

And the chill that passes through
your tired body
the hairs that stand on end
like a forest at attention
that is how you know

The thumping of your heart
the lump in your throat
it’s enough for you to at least consider
to stop the marching
dismantle the mountain
reroute your path to the present
attract more presence for the future
know that you are light incarnate
share that light from your high vantage point

We can all be leaders of the light

©SpiritLed 2015