Daily Bliss – June 20

The Angels remind us that while it’s the big things in life that most often capture our attention, it’s the small things that quietly capture our hearts.  Pay attention to the small things today: the bird hopping in the grass, the butterfly on a flower, the kind smile of a stranger in the grocery, the gentle touch of someone you love.  Take comfort in the awareness that small miracles surround us at all times. 

You Are the Prayer

meditating in a spring field

You are the prayer
Quietly whispered by the Creator
In the moment you were breathed into existence
The spark which lit the night
And sent awareness into the skies

You are the prayer
Silently held in the lonely chapel
Beads tightly gripped in sweaty hands
Hoping for a god of miracles

You are the prayer
The joyous celebration of songs sung
From the high cathedrals of the heart
Echoing through the halls of your soul

You are the prayer
Of the grasses and trees
The flowers, the streams, the wind, and the bee
You are the last hope, the savior
The one wields the power to harvest the future

You are the prayer, the song
The sanctuary of the collective soul
You are the one you’ve been waiting for

©SpiritLed 2016


Path in beautiful park at autumn

The work of the world
Is in your hands
A busy mind does not lend itself easily to miracles
Or the matters of spirit

You have this one chance
This one life as who you are now
To make a difference
To shine
Who knows what happens next?
This moment
Is the most important moment

Throw off fear
Embrace change
And the great responsibility that lies before you
Don’t stay too small, don’t think too much
Just be, just do with faith

Course correct if you must
But don’t delay any longer
Miracles are not fleeting
Unless you choose not to pursue them

©SpiritLed 2015

Everyday Miracles

Miracles wooden sign with a beach on background

Your busy lives do not preclude
the love from above
and all around

you spend your time searching
for a sign, a vision, a voice
a white feather on the ground

while missing the true angelic display
in the hands and hearts around you,
always seeking something big and bigger

while the small miracles
make their way silently,
while the downtrodden wait
for their moment in the sun

the sun shines on us all
sometimes it takes creativity and faith
to allow the light to permeate
the lost and broken days

the signs you seek
may not always seem miraculous
but they are miracles nonetheless

©SpiritLed 2015