Keeping Hope Alive

Natural heart shape in a barbed wire fence on cloudscape background. Flock of birds flying through heart. Love, freedom, peace, hope and compassion concepts.

Do you hear the bells ring?
Do you hear the children sing?
Keeping hope alive

In the dark night of transition
When change electrifies our hearts
How do you keep hope alive?

The days march on in untimed cadence
With the songs of fighting in our hearts
Hope no longer seems to be alive

Deep inside the whispers grow, become a mighty roar
Reverberating through our very nature
We are the ones who keep hope alive

Forward moving, never stalling, reaching out a hand
Shining light in this dark land
Keeping hope alive

©SpiritLed 2017

Standing at the Edge

silhouette of lone woman facing a giant powerful wave in black a

Standing at the edge
I feel the familiar fear of movement,
The sting of failure,
The desire to lie low instead of being seen,
To run to the safety of the life I’ve always known

The softest path is well-worn
And rarely brings me to this place,
Yet on this darkest night
Here I find myself again at the crossroads
Of continued passage along the familiar
And this steep and jagged ledge

Stepping out has risks
And implications unseen
The edge has no railing
And the crevasse below seems bottomless,
With darkness as far as eyes can see,
No way to tell how far I’d fall
Or if I’d ever rise again

Standing at the edge
I know my chances of survival are greater
Unless simply surviving means missing out
Unless my own survival isn’t even the goal

Standing at the edge
There below me in the dark
The spirits of my ancestors beckon,
I feel the brush of angels’ wings
And a voice deep inside whispers,
“You won’t have this chance again.”

And so I take deep breaths
A few stumbling steps backwards
Raise my arms to the night sky
And take a running leap

©SpiritLed 2016


My Light, My Hope

way in deep forest

What if I open to receive,
I trust all that I believe,
What if become all that I profess I want to be?

And then what?
Then who will I be?

Will I still be free?
Will they all come to believe,
To want to be free with me,
Or will they turn and shun the light

My light, my hope
In exchange for the night?

©SpiritLed 2016

The Power of Creation


The power of creation
Is violent, vehement
Jars you from your sleep
Into the black night of discovery

Feed it
Let it feast on your innermost being
Until it is forcefully brought to life
With the sweet, sweet release
Of giving birth to the future

Nurture it, suckle it
Bathe it as it grows
Haunting your days
Delighting your nights
Until the offspring of your dreams
Are fully mature in their own right
And you may finally rest yourself
For the next creation inside you

@SpiritLed 2016

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You Are the Prayer

meditating in a spring field

You are the prayer
Quietly whispered by the Creator
In the moment you were breathed into existence
The spark which lit the night
And sent awareness into the skies

You are the prayer
Silently held in the lonely chapel
Beads tightly gripped in sweaty hands
Hoping for a god of miracles

You are the prayer
The joyous celebration of songs sung
From the high cathedrals of the heart
Echoing through the halls of your soul

You are the prayer
Of the grasses and trees
The flowers, the streams, the wind, and the bee
You are the last hope, the savior
The one wields the power to harvest the future

You are the prayer, the song
The sanctuary of the collective soul
You are the one you’ve been waiting for

©SpiritLed 2016

Lift You Up


I carry the weight of a hurting world this night
All the sadness, all the pain that man can muster
And these wings feel too tattered to lift me up,
Lift me up

Deep within, I know this is not mine to carry
Yet this weight bears down,
This torch I willingly choose, this who I am, at once a burden and gift,
Tonight this light shines dimly only on the feet just below me,
On my own broken path

No matter how much I will through words
Your suffering be transcended
Angels, gods, bended knees, and clasped hands
Can’t stop your deepest hurt
It finds you in the darkest places
Where you try so hard to keep out the light

Even the caress of these weary wings
Won’t make you whole
The mosaic of your tears, burning up the night
But if only for an instant, may they lift you up
Lift you up

©SpiritLed 2015

Don’t Give Up

Northern lights aurora borealis in the night sky

Don’t give up
You know you’re hearing
The sound of defeat
But freedom is just behind it

You know the path seems lonely
As if the world is against you
And you cry those lonely tears
We all cry in the dark night of our soul

You know no matter how far gone you feel
You can get back to center
The dark night’s stars will light the way
If you choose to look up

You know that your opening is your gift
Though the pain may seem to break you,
The value of the light revealed
Propels us all forward

Don’t give up
Don’t let the world get you down
Your path will set you straight,
Soothe your tears,
Guide you home

©SpiritLed 2015

The Other Side of Fear

Gate to heaven with sunny sky

Final entry in the Book of Life
Yet the night is still young
Still time to dance among fireflies
Pluck stars from the sky and carry them around
As our own personal lanterns

Let our wings fly free
As birds and butterflies in the wind
Enjoy the fire in our last days
As the captive souls we allowed for so long

New life is on the horizon
With all the fear and unknown it brings
And joy, let’s not forget the joy found
In freedom and change

Like the lifting up in prayer
Of a gentle loving heart
The body and mind opens to new wonders
Miracles, if you will
Facilitated by our willingness
To move forward through our fear
Connected to the mere possibility
Of eternity on the other side

©SpiritLed 2015

Inside Out

Portrait of woman with closed eyes and dark face art

By the light of day
Your scars and hidden painful parts
Don’t show,
Neatly tucked behind proper clothes
And an acceptable smile

But in the dark of night
Your stars and scars light up,
One by one,
Revealing the depth of you,
Radiating your light from within,
Allowing you to shine
From the inside out

You are a moon child,
A star baby,
A child of the darkest night,
Keeping watch with your stars and scars
Over all the hearts in this lonely world,
Both broken and whole,
Until, piece by piece, they find themselves
Back together with Love

©SpiritLed 2015

Silent Night of the Soul

Woman meditating at the sea

In the deepest parts
of the silent night of the soul
your spirit knows,
and in the knowing, that silence,
there is a freedom of the deepest sort,
freedom that none can touch
or force you to surrender,
in that knowing, that silence
there is a peace
that no amount of back breaking
or heart-shattering
can penetrate,
in that space you are wholly you,
the very essence of your eternal being,
and in that space
you know,
no doubt, no fear
only pure knowing,
a free and peaceful soul

©SpiritLed 2015