Brokenness and Reconciliation


Love what you have
for the good things will come
when you least expect,
though not when you are busy
loathing that which you
already possess

Love what you have,
both the joys and challenges
brought with life,
your worth is not made up
of things or people or situations,
but rather the love you bring to each,
the grace with which you encounter
both the joys and unpleasantries

The vessel will find itself with many cracks
and struggle to stay full in life,
each setback creating a new spiderweb of compromise
to the foundation that is the very core which bears a stable life,

Yet the one who wisely fills in the cracks with gold
may still hold water, nourishing self and others
with the cool drink of loving-kindness

The one who loves the cracks
as part of the whole,
sees the beauty and power
of brokenness
and reconciliation

©SpiritLed 2015