The Light in You

Relaxing woman, drawing on paper

The light in you shows the light in me
There is a better way,
A kinder way,
A way that honors the good of all

If I can only see you as your light,
As the love incarnate that you are,
If I can only see your beauty beneath the tears

If I can open past the often hateful exterior
To find the divinity inside,
The oneness with the light that makes you,
And also makes me,

If I can only see you,
See me,
See the light in all of us
Crying to shine out

Burning through all that conceals it
Trying to reveal it
Love and light incarnate
In all bodies of the One

©SpiritLed 2016

I Am Open

Dreaming of Self

Fill me with your words.  I am open.

Sing me the song of the Universe, that it may escape my lips
for all the world to know the tune, even if they can’t find the words.

Fill me with the stories of ancients, that I might know the destiny of man
and speak the message to all who hear.

Fill me with the glory and the power of the Christ, let me know the sacrifice,
the vision of Heaven on earth, Hell in our own hearts, the rising of Love.

I am open to your voices.  Your song resonates in my heart.

Purge the emptiness, fill it with your kingdom, the vibration of oneness.

Mold me, shape me in the ways you will have me best exist in this world
as a conduit of love.

I am open.

©SpiritLed 2015

Love Becomes the Way


A gentle web connects us all,
stretched far across
all time and space,
each strand built
with godstuff and angel light,
remaining dim until you reach out,
make the connection,
light up the thread,
take the hand that reaches toward you

though it may be different
though it may be disfigured
though it may be indigent or wealthy
thought it may be full of hatred

grasp it tightly
don’t let go
until every strand burn brightly,
until the darkness is lit
and love becomes the way
weaving through all

Love, the connection
that binds all beings as One

©SpiritLed 2015


white water lilly flower

In the dim light
of morning
voices tumble
clang inside
the troubled mind
searching for an anchor
an open port
a place to call home
to row into shore
build rapport
with the locals
learn the customs
receive guidance
become One

The voices they call
in the distance
from the darkest recesses
they make their presence known
seek a way to enter
take up residence
bring the peace
and reassurance
long to become One

In oneness we unite
cleanse the debris
from even the darkest soul
bring the night from the shadows
into pure white light
of forgiveness
an end to suffering
connection to the One

©SpiritLed 2014

Peace of the Light

Explosion of light towards heaven, sun. Religion, God

The peace of the light is upon you
Raise your hands to the earth
To the trees, to the skies
To the people across the lands
Who need your open embrace
Your peaceful mind

The oneness you build
Within your ignited heart
Builds the world in which
Tomorrows never end
And all the people Do-ing
Cease their tirades and their tyranny
Join hearts in peace and light
To become the Be-ing,
The one who connects us all with love

Spread your wings
For each of you possess
The guardians’ grace
The ability to rise up and hear
The voices, heed the call
In the light, all fear dissipates
And in love, the final battle won

©SpiritLed 2014

Love is All There Is

I tried to hide my love
For I believed that love was human
That it could be avoided or turned off
When it became too painful to endure

But love is of the Source
The Source IS love
And so I tentatively open my heart
To connection to my divine be-ing
To the Creator that both loves and expresses love through me
To the eternal truth of my oneness with the Divine
And the awareness that love is all there is