Daily Bliss – August 8

The Angels remind us that while our oath isn’t always clear, it doesn’t me we’re not still on it.  Embrace the fog, the uncertainty about next steps.  With a heart open to opportunity, all will appear as it is ready.

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Standing at the Edge

silhouette of lone woman facing a giant powerful wave in black a

Standing at the edge
I feel the familiar fear of movement,
The sting of failure,
The desire to lie low instead of being seen,
To run to the safety of the life I’ve always known

The softest path is well-worn
And rarely brings me to this place,
Yet on this darkest night
Here I find myself again at the crossroads
Of continued passage along the familiar
And this steep and jagged ledge

Stepping out has risks
And implications unseen
The edge has no railing
And the crevasse below seems bottomless,
With darkness as far as eyes can see,
No way to tell how far I’d fall
Or if I’d ever rise again

Standing at the edge
I know my chances of survival are greater
Unless simply surviving means missing out
Unless my own survival isn’t even the goal

Standing at the edge
There below me in the dark
The spirits of my ancestors beckon,
I feel the brush of angels’ wings
And a voice deep inside whispers,
“You won’t have this chance again.”

And so I take deep breaths
A few stumbling steps backwards
Raise my arms to the night sky
And take a running leap

©SpiritLed 2016


Daily Bliss – February 19

The Angels want us to know that when we feel blocked, with blank minds and empty hearts, that is when we have the opportunity, the gift, of a clean slate.  We can write whatever we wish upon that page and send it out to the world fresh and new.  Let your inspiration flow through the empty moments, for that space in between is where we find the richness inside.

Soul Shine

Light in woman hands. Giving, protect, care, energy concept.

Once the newness has worn off
Will you still be able to find the shine
Or rub off the accumulated dirt and grime
Until the new shows through again?

Each day is an opportunity
Despite the woundedness, and the being human,
To find the shine in every little thing
The buzz that makes you feel all tingly and alive

Each day a new expression
Of the uniquely created spirit
That dwells within each of us
A new day, a new opportunity
To share the Light

©SpiritLed 2015

Daily Bliss – August 24

With each new opportunity, there is often a certain amount of fear that arises.  This fear is good.  It’s the fear associated with something new, something potentially bigger or life changing.  A fear that has the potential to propel you forward.   Don’t move away from it.  Rather, embrace it and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.   This fear let’s you know you’re headed in the right direction.