Daily Bliss – August 30

The Angels remind us that space must open in order for the energy of our dreams to become manifest.  Therefore, sometimes we have to be still and patient for a time, no matter how much we want to be doing something else.  In our waiting, we are holding space for the new. 

The Gifts We Seek

Sun through Feather

The gifts we seek
Rarely come in packages we recognize,
Yet we still search for them to come
Adorned with bows and ribbons
Announcing their arrival,
Disappointed when the box appears
Wrapped in brown paper
And tied with simple string,
Still watching for the flash

In this life,
What do we miss,
What gifts do we ignore,
While busy chasing the One,
When we could keep our hearts open
To the simple gifts received
Between each setting of the sun?

©SpiritLed 2017