phoenix feather

The bleeding starts
and runs right through,
piercing all the hearts,
staining the very clothes
that kept it out of sight
and silent in the world
where it so violently wanted sight
and to be seen,
and so she opened up the wound,
made it visible to those who once turned away,
and striking a pose of resistance,
cried her faithful tears
until the bleeding had to stop,
and in its place
and from her death
the great red bird rose and flew,
freedom on its wings,
all she ever wanted,
all her bloody heart ever knew

©SpiritLed 2017

New Beginnings


Physical doors may close
But energetic  connections never end.
Go ahead, grieve for the losses
That sting your heart,
Cry the well-deserved tears,
Let them loose like hot cleansing lava
Burning all your karmic debris in their wake
So that you might rise again stronger,
More solidly in the place where you already belong.
These cosmic connections don’t go away,
They’re bonded for eternity by lava tears
And new beginnings

©SpiritLed 2015