Inside Out

Portrait of woman with closed eyes and dark face art

By the light of day
Your scars and hidden painful parts
Don’t show,
Neatly tucked behind proper clothes
And an acceptable smile

But in the dark of night
Your stars and scars light up,
One by one,
Revealing the depth of you,
Radiating your light from within,
Allowing you to shine
From the inside out

You are a moon child,
A star baby,
A child of the darkest night,
Keeping watch with your stars and scars
Over all the hearts in this lonely world,
Both broken and whole,
Until, piece by piece, they find themselves
Back together with Love

©SpiritLed 2015

God-Filled Cracks

grunge meditation background
Pristine ocean waves
call you to places you’ve never
dared to go, places inside
your mind where the light

burns bright and exposes
all your sullen and dingy
thoughts on god and why
he doesn’t show up in your life

more often, compels you to examine
under the force of the pounding waves
your acts of defiance
in the name of self-preservation

but which self is still unclear,
despite the microscope and
operating table where you can
carefully dissect and then put

the pieces back together
stitch by stitch, like a Frankenstein
doll with a porcelain heart,
stuck together with tacky glue

that is only guaranteed for a few years
and after that who knows what happens
to those shattered pieces?
Do they break apart and float,

getting lodged in the crevices?
Or do they simply disintegrate
as if they never existed?
You think the glue will hold

because you always were naïve
and the patched up parts
are your religion, the glue-filled
cracks where you find your god

SpiritLed 2014