You Are the Prayer

meditating in a spring field

You are the prayer
Quietly whispered by the Creator
In the moment you were breathed into existence
The spark which lit the night
And sent awareness into the skies

You are the prayer
Silently held in the lonely chapel
Beads tightly gripped in sweaty hands
Hoping for a god of miracles

You are the prayer
The joyous celebration of songs sung
From the high cathedrals of the heart
Echoing through the halls of your soul

You are the prayer
Of the grasses and trees
The flowers, the streams, the wind, and the bee
You are the last hope, the savior
The one wields the power to harvest the future

You are the prayer, the song
The sanctuary of the collective soul
You are the one you’ve been waiting for

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – October 19

The Angels remind us when we feel out of sorts, we have a source of inner peace always available.  We can access it through prayer, meditation, solitude or stillness of any kind.  Give it time…it will come and envelop us in a blanket of safety and peace for as long as we allow it.

Daily Bliss – January 28

The angels want you to know that every choice to numb, to not feel, to self medicate is in its own way a conscious choice against connection.  Whether we use food or alcohol or drugs or busy-ness or something else, we are choosing disconnection.  The antidote is Silence.  Meditation. Prayer.  Stillness.  Going within.  LOVE.

The Other Side of Fear

Gate to heaven with sunny sky

Final entry in the Book of Life
Yet the night is still young
Still time to dance among fireflies
Pluck stars from the sky and carry them around
As our own personal lanterns

Let our wings fly free
As birds and butterflies in the wind
Enjoy the fire in our last days
As the captive souls we allowed for so long

New life is on the horizon
With all the fear and unknown it brings
And joy, let’s not forget the joy found
In freedom and change

Like the lifting up in prayer
Of a gentle loving heart
The body and mind opens to new wonders
Miracles, if you will
Facilitated by our willingness
To move forward through our fear
Connected to the mere possibility
Of eternity on the other side

©SpiritLed 2015


Fog with trees and lamp post

Connect me
to some nugget of truth
or insight
that I may record it
for the world to know
that I may spill it
from sacred lips
like a stream ever-flowing

And if the sound still falls
on deaf ears and eyes avert
from the vision in my soul

So then use me as the song
in their hearts
the breath when they
are disconnected
the lonely howl of pain
when the darkness lasts too long

May I be the focal point
of hopeful direction
a calming in the rage
a cooling in the heat

Let my life be a lamp in the fog
starting first with me

©SpiritLed 2014


Prayer is my sacred communion with the Divine, that quite time that only belongs to me and my Creator.  Prayer is my opportunity to ask—ask for help, mercy, forgiveness, grace, strength, knowing, guidance—and receive whatever I need in that moment.  Prayer transcends time and space.  Prayer is stillness, a time to slow down and remember my Source.  Prayer is something I don’t do nearly often enough…  (9-29-12)

In the Name of “God”

Prior to my current spiritual journey, I simply spoke of “God”, a reflection on my understanding of the Divine as a singular, distant being.  Over the past few years, however, I’ve come to understand the Divine as being part of all things in the Universe, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, simultaneously expressing as me and through me.  Because of this, the term “God” no longer seems to fit.  God represents, to me, the distant being of ancient religion, an unattainable human goal.  To relate as “Source”, “Spirit”, or the “Divine” connects me both to where I came from and what I am.  I tend to use these terms interchangeably now;  however, certain rituals still lend themselves to “God” for me.  Out of habit, I still pray to God, but now it’s “Father-Mother God”.  In this, I maintain comfort in an old ritual while still upgrading the image of God in my mind to a duality of both male and female.  Including God as mother adds the inherent nurturing quality of a woman, once again making “God” less of a being on high and instead more approachable, attainable, and innately loving.  (9-21-12)