Daily Bliss – September 6

The Angels remind us that despite all the hate in the world today, we are made of the love that springs eternal, and we can infuse the world with this love without ever running out of love to give.  Love is the promise that keeps us both grounded and connected to all that is. 

A Dream Not Yet Shattered

Lonely girl sitting on pier with ball of glowing light in hand

Just scratching along the surface
We never get where we’re going
We have to dig a little deeper

Down beneath the superficial
Below the false togetherness
The organized and pristine façade
Find the true depth
The real pain and hidden tears

Some days, we walk through the valley
Others we’re high on the mountain
Such is life, with its dips and turns
But we never stop moving forward

We take rests along the way
Never so long that we lose the way altogether
Just long enough to drink the cool water
Rejuvenate, appreciate

Caress the cheek of the child in our arms
This being birthed into a new light
A dream not yet shattered
A hope still promised to the world

©SpiritLed 2015

Empty Spaces

room light from the window god

In the deepest, darkest recesses
there resides a space
for only you

a space where you may enter and dwell,
to rest and receive the blessings
that are your gift

where you may receive the guidance
that is our promise to you,
a promise made before time began,

made in holy space
signed in spirit
sealed in angel’s wings

a promise for your everlasting care,
that you may not go this path alone,
that when you seek home

and the company of those whom you left
so many lives ago, you may connect
through the silent space within

that open, lonely space waits to be filled
that love, that place
only found within

if you seek, if you open,
if you allow the light
into the empty spaces