How to Quiet the Mind

quiet mind

The mind doesn’t quiet
Or slow its thinking
And would we even want it to?

It protects us,
Warns us,
Keeps us out of our own way

And also,
The mind creates fear
Indecision and doubt

And so we need a balance
Of logic and peace,
Protection and freedom,
A life free from self-imposed fear

And in that quest
We find stillness,
Gratitude for all our weary minds
Have shown us in love
And duty
Faithfully leading the way

Step aside
Let the heart lead
Let the mind rest
A gift for a lifetime of service

©SpiritLed 2017


Weekend hair falls in tendrils
         around your face as you relax in the sun
         I brush it back, not knowing when I’ll
         have this chance again

For when you go
         you run away so fast, that I barely
         feel a breeze, and, laughing,
         you don’t look back,
         not even for a moment,
         though I never take my eyes off you

I see you from a deeper place
         I feel your joy and sorrow,
         I know your anguish
         that life isn’t what you had hoped

         I know these things
         and I think you realize it too

I can help you heal, but you are
         stubborn and playful,
         the wind in your hair
         feels too freeing in this moment

         I patiently hold you in my gaze,
         knowing sometimes
         that can be healing enough

©SpiritLed 2014