Is It Time Yet?

brunette girl holding a white theatrical mask

Is it time yet?
Time to make that change you’ve been pondering
Time to get the support you need
Time to be who you know you are beneath the layers,
The one under the mask you take off at night

Or does that mask never come off?
Does it stay carefully in place,
Even during your down times,
Lulling you into believing if it never comes off
Then what’s beneath it can’t be real?

What if you just took a peek?
By the light of the moon, with no one around
What if you lifted the edge just slightly
Revealed to yourself the beauty behind it?

What if you dropped that everyday persona
Became real – raw, tender, open
Capable of loving as hard and long and wholly
As you’ve ever felt the pain from which you’ve hidden?

And what if in your realness, your true self
You find what you’ve been seeking all along,
Your light, your beauty, your heart
The parts of you lost to life
Still waiting for you to reclaim them

Lovingly, patiently
Waiting for you to take off the masks for good
And wear them like a crown,
Step out into the world as the queen you are

Is it time yet?

©SpiritLed 2016