Daily Bliss – August 3

The Angels remind us that under our feelings of being tired, overwhelmed, and unworthy, there is a deep, clear pool of nourishment and strength, which we can return to anytime we need it.  Visualize the cool, dark water, the way it cradles and releases all the feelings and beliefs that no longer serve. Float in the safety and protection of the well inside. 

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Masonic initiation well

This discomfort you feel
It isn’t real
You put it on yourself

You see these chains that bind you
And you hold the key
Forgotten in the heart of all your pain

Dig deep into the well of your existence
The essence and depth of who you are
There is where you find the purity, the light
The release that you seek

Al l of you, pure and purposeful,
Resides within

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – January 15

The angels want me to let go, to release all that I hold onto for a safety which doesn’t actually exist. All that creates walls instead of cultivating true vulnerability and connection.  All that keeps me from my true purpose.  The angels call each of you to do the same, if you are ready and willing.  Enter into the stillness and begin the process of letting go.