Ancient Mother

2015-01-14 14.19.03

Ancient mother lives within,
Spinning up the tales of our soul,
Planting the seeds of future ideations,
Harboring the boats that sail on salty tears
Cried for past generations and future warriors

Laboring for love’s last breath on our lips,
She bears the fruit of victory over death,
Her last breath given to save us from ourselves,
Only to rise again from the ashes we created,
Strengthening the warrior inside

Despite the fear,
Despite the rage,
She frees us from our cage of self-imposition
And our bondage with the broken ties of past regrets

This love she holds is boundless,
Always available to mend our tender hearts
And set the broken pieces to sail
On the sea of her open, endless heart

©SpiritLed 2017

Let it Rise

Fire mandala

When the fire in your belly burns hot
Let it rise
Let it burn up the untouched debris of your heart
Let it cut the cords of inequity
Which still tie you to your waking grave

Burn the ashes of your untouched past
The parts you thought were shattered and lost
Still piercing the hidden portals of your heart

Melt each smoldering layer
Until only the truest you remains
No longer fighting for life
But shining eternal in your own pure light

©SpiritLed 2015