A New World Rising

Holding the Planet, abstract eco backgrounds with beauty female

The light of day
Brings new hope and inner stirrings
As our outer shells crack open,
Hearts longing to reveal
Newly-formed skin into the world,
Exposing vulnerable flesh
Still oozing from new birth

We stand,
Ready and radiant in our new forms,
Gowns glowing gold and sparkling in the early light,
Moving through the fog of hope and confusion,
Forging a path through the wilderness of our existence,
Taming golden light into a new awakening

Drawing in the darkness,
Breathing out the love of ancients
Into a world rising from its own ashes

©SpiritLed 2017

Become the Way

Earth - Beautiful Horizons

Rising energy
Of the setting sun
Isn’t lost on heavy hearts,
The winds of change howling in our ears

Instead, the pressure lifts us up,
Rising to the peak of our existence
Where we see blue above the clouds,
Sun on the horizon
From another side of the world

This perspective gives us wings
To raise our fearful energy to grace,
Envelope our hearts in compassion
For a darkened world turned light

And lift our healing hearts into the sky,
Rising, rising to meet the sun
The light, merging and emerging,
Into night, into day

Become the way,
For a people led astray

©SpiritLed 2017

Spirit Calling

silhouette of pigeon dove holding branch in peace sign shape

Do you hear the voices calling,
Calling, calling?

Can you feel their spirits falling,
Falling, falling?

For the connection with their love is fleeting,
Fleeting, fleeting;

And the time has come to be meeting,
Meeting, meeting

Calling, falling,
Fleeting, meeting
This time is ours to rise

Rising, rising in resistance
Crying, crying with persistence

Our time is now
Our peace is now
Spirit calls us now

©SpiritLed 2017

Morning Star

Woman escaping storm

And in the dim light I see her
Beautiful in her perfection
Stunning with her light
Behind a veil of stars

Inspiring greatness
Crumbling the darkness
To rise again in wholeness
As each day breaks

The magnificent morning star
Expanding in the hearts
Of all who witness her
For they are outshined
In her presence

Illuminated, enlightened,
Connected to her expanse
Creating the speck of a single lifetime
An abiding connection
The rising and the falling

©SpiritLed 2015

Morning Reverie


And the birds sing sweetly,
the morning sun peeks gently
over the tops of trees
lining the wood’s edge along the creek,
a perfect circle through tree branches up high,
puffy clouds sharing hints of light
as I sip my tea
and listen to the garbage men
shouting to teach other on the next street
and the bullfrogs bellowing to the koi fish
in the neighbor’s manmade pond

And this day starts sweetly
as I wish all days would
for myself
and for you

©SpiritLed 2015

Magic Garden


There in the garden exquisite
The blue flowers sing your name
The grasses gently massage your feet
The ancient gravestones moss-covered
And no longer legible
Offer a lean-to for your weariness
Take a load off, the menagerie seems to whisper
Allow the tender guilt to seep through your pores
Saturating the very essence of you in restful silence
When the world becomes too big
Take solace here
Regenerate your warrior spirit
Cleanse your soul with the scent and sounds
Of nature’s sweetness
To rise and redeem another day

©SpiritLed 2015

The Rising

Mountain hiker in front of sunset

Each day it’s there
The words buried deep inside
Fighting to come out

To form the description of your being
Write the song of your soul
Upon the lips of those who speak you

Each day it’s there
Dying to get out
Climbing, clawing from the depths

Always reaching for the light
You may choose to bury it
Or hide beneath the piles of scars

Bruised and broken bones
Healed grotesquely
Covered by layers of superficial beauty

You may wish not to share
But each day it pushes against your resistance
Each year the pressure builds

As you stretch ever thinner
Will you reveal before you break
Or will you allow yourself to shatter

Into a confetti parade of you,
Your beauty and your anger
Raining down on passersby

As if that’s your only choice
And anyway, they don’t seem to mind
Yet afterward they brush you off

And you’re left there in the street
Forgotten and discarded
Or rather will you let the rising take form

Release at your own will
Form the words of your own song
Released to the hearts of man

©SpiritLed 2015

Heart Rising

Composite image of heart

No amount of days
can hold down a healing heart,
no matter how many setbacks
and disappointments,
the heart still rises in the east
to greet the light,
kiss the cheek of devastation
and heartbreak

Though the mind may
settle in the valley for a time,
the heart keeps watch on the peaks
until the mind climbs up
to reunite in wholeness once again

You may furrow your brow in doubt,
for the heart seems a fragile instrument
and yet I ask,
“Does the heart not beat
each and every day?”

In the darkest of times
it is the heart,
despite its own brokenness,
that labors to keep love alive
and you, dear friend,
are Love

©SpiritLed 2015

Goddess Rising

The energy in here is changing, she says, as she takes a drag
from her cigarette.  No sooner have the words fallen from her lips,

than a strong, cold wind blows open the door, whips around the
room, and knocks the cigarette out of her hand.  There before her,

in a swirling mass of lavender and ghostly white, hovers her greatest
love and her greatest fear.  In familiar solidarity, she opens herself

and feels the familiar rising from her pelvis, filing her abdomen with
white light, rising to her heart, radiating out to fill the room, moving

through her arms and legs, projecting beams of light from her feet and
hands, moving up to her throat, madly sounding a beautiful and foreign song

with her own voice, rising all the way up to her crown, emanating from the
top of her head, rising and churning and radiating within and around her,

spreading her farther and wider,  expanding and creating, out into the street,
the town, the planet, the stars, the moon, until she again becomes one with

 All There Is


© SpiritLed 2014