This is the Day

Tree heart in ocean

This is the day it all changes
The day you take your life
In your own hands, throw off
The connections that have
Held you back, this is the day
You open your heart to love

Crack open all the forbidden places,
Protected by fortresses of dust,
Locked away after the hurt
That could not be tolerated, the pain
That sealed the final lock and consumed
The key, this is the day that you swim

Into the belly of the great fish, find the way
Of salvation and go shaking into the depths
To release your soul, no longer a prisoner
Of your own making

The wind may howl, wild and raging storms
May attempt to block your path,
But the fallen branches
In your way, the uprooted trees that shake
Your foundation are no match for you,

Your heart is strong and your whole life
Has brought you to this moment

This is the day.

©SpiritLed 2015

Spirit Wisdom


I don’t usually have an intent or a message when I sit down to write.  My daily practice is to write first thing in the morning, before I’m too awake and my mind is racing with thoughts of the day. I only write for about 15-20 minutes, whatever comes to mind.  It’s a bit similar to the practice of Julia Cameron’s “Morning Pages”.  I suppose like morning pages, these writings are out of my subconscious somewhere, just waiting to be released.  Perhaps it’s that angel inside that needs to free her voice.

In the great dawn of your unrest
Spirit knows
And in its knowing you too can know

If you only listen
If you only hear
If you allow for the great wisdom to flow through

Cleanse what you thought you knew
Deepen your devotion
Make room for only love to rule the day

Make nests in the tree of your soul
Hatch the next generation of prophets
And lovers of the light

Rest now in love
The passageway
The mirror
The corridor to salvation

©SpiritLed 2015

Share, Make, Light

Night sky praise

With your hands, build the future
one tiny piece of wire or brick
or drop of paint at a time

With your heart, love the world well
each hug, each kind gesture,
each forgiveness
one step closer to redemption

With your spirit, become the essence
of the world you want to see,
embody the Creator
in your every thought,
in your soul’s flow,

so that Earth in its tragedy
may embody Heaven
on its hill of salvation
reachable, connecting,
a shining light of hope

©SpiritLed 2015


The well was cool and nourishing
and deep, but years ago
in an act of courage and
defiance, you moved the heavy
stone across the opening, allowed
the thorny branches to grow over
and around it, so that no one
could disturb your tomb, or drink
its healing waters, and you turned
your back, confident that the thorns
would do their job to keep the trespassers
out, but what you could not see in your
rage and self-hatred, was that the thorns
and brambles  shadowed you in your
exile,  shrouded you in your attempt to be
invisible, shrunk at your valiant effort
to fight them back, grew thicker and
stronger, shielding you from the world
of your creation, until that day when
the thorns pressed deep into your
flesh and you finally tasted the sting
in the back of your throat, and it was then
that you knew the only respite left was to
return to source, and there in that ancient
place, you tore back the branches and
brambles, bleeding and broken, but it was
too late to care, and you uncovered the patient
stone,  waiting for your return, and there
as you wildly plunged yourself into the waters,
as if returning to your mother’s womb,
there you realized that the thorns you fled had grown
out from the belly of your pain, and that you,
you are the trespasser, bathing in your own
well of salvation

©SpiritLed 2014

Naked, Like Trees

The wicked finality of life is almost more beautiful
than birth, the grace and forcefulness with which the body
unbinds from the constraints of humanity each

day, slowing more and more, the measured
breaking down of flesh and ego, a thinning of the
veil that shrouds the Spirit from its home,

until one day you see it in their eyes,
you know they have seen Home
and they are ready
and you are ready
to let go as they have

Oh, the cruel and terrible dichotomy of grief, to hold your
beloved, to never want to let loose your
connection, yet to look death in the face and know surrender
is the only promise for true salvation and peace for both.

Like walking outside on a brisk fall day,
naked as trees, wearing only the cloak of nature’s
chill, allow tears to flow, in colorful waves as leaves
fall, purposefully and with finality, and hope,
rotting on the ground through the
dormancy of winter, only to regenerate new
life when the sun once again warms the skin.

Your liberation, it may not come until years later,
when you can finally take comfort in the distance
between suffering and release, when you can

set up your altar and place your heart there to be
cleansed and unburdened, light the candle, assemble the
stones and blessings in the order that sets things right for your

spirit to grieve, and then leave it there exposed, to be
encased in love and peace until it is, eventually, your
time to also begin the journey Home.