Great Goodness

Hand with a bunch of girls on a background sky with cloud

Great goodness becomes us
When we become goodness
When we share our gifts to the world
When we reach deep inside to know our true soul
And then bare it

Naked for the world to see
Exposed, but not afraid
Inviting others to do the same
Showing that underneath our skin
We truly are all alike
That love does not come in a color

Our goodness, deep within
Vibrant like a rainbow
Shining across all skies
The pot gold not found at the end
But rather in connecting in love to one another

©SpiritLed 2016

Share, Make, Light

Night sky praise

With your hands, build the future
one tiny piece of wire or brick
or drop of paint at a time

With your heart, love the world well
each hug, each kind gesture,
each forgiveness
one step closer to redemption

With your spirit, become the essence
of the world you want to see,
embody the Creator
in your every thought,
in your soul’s flow,

so that Earth in its tragedy
may embody Heaven
on its hill of salvation
reachable, connecting,
a shining light of hope

©SpiritLed 2015