Daily Bliss-March 15

The Angels want us to know that time in meditation is not only for quieting the mind.  It can be a time of deep personal work as well as an opportunity to converse with your inner guidance.  Silence need not be frightening.  The peace and freedom found within are worth the journey there.


Silent Night of the Soul

Woman meditating at the sea

In the deepest parts
of the silent night of the soul
your spirit knows,
and in the knowing, that silence,
there is a freedom of the deepest sort,
freedom that none can touch
or force you to surrender,
in that knowing, that silence
there is a peace
that no amount of back breaking
or heart-shattering
can penetrate,
in that space you are wholly you,
the very essence of your eternal being,
and in that space
you know,
no doubt, no fear
only pure knowing,
a free and peaceful soul

©SpiritLed 2015

In the Heart of All that Is

Love mandala

Get out of your own mind,
fraught with worry and doubt,
think with your soul,
drop down into your heart,
open wide to reconnect
with the ancient wisdom
that can only be found in silence,
listening with invisible ears
which hear deeper, wider,
and more passionately than any human sense,
sensing from the very depths of being,
casting out all that isn’t real,
focusing only on that which can be defined as love,
real love that doesn’t cause pain
or crack under pressure,
or break when the agony of the world becomes too much to bear,
real love that flows smoothly with no bumps or turns,
flowing with the urgency of unconditional connection
to the greater Love,
the one who is love and shares love
outside the mind
beyond the body
in the heart of all that is

©SpiritLed 2015