Daily Bliss – October 19

The Angels remind us when we feel out of sorts, we have a source of inner peace always available.  We can access it through prayer, meditation, solitude or stillness of any kind.  Give it time…it will come and envelop us in a blanket of safety and peace for as long as we allow it.

The Race

Wide Angle View of Female Legs at a River in a City Park

Why do you run yourself so hard?

I don’t know any other way to be

Yet your bones and your back ache
Your mind is so tired
Your thoughts, scattered on the wind

How do you expect
To move the world with quiet contemplation
When you rarely contemplate yourself?

This life is not for only doing,
Quiet rest is also required
And reverence, solitude
A concerted effort to go within

For it is written that you find the peace you need
To go out and be the doer in the world
The guidance you seek to make change,
Soothe broken hearts

It can’t always be a race
Sometimes it needs to be a lazy river
Gently drifting, allowed to carry you
Where you need to go
(Notice we said need, not want)

Allow yourself to float and you will find peace,
The love and simple existence
Your soul needs for survival
For thriving
For doing its best in this life

©SpiritLed 2015

In Between

Oh, for just a moment
To compose a few lines
Steal some daylight,
A little slice of dusk,
Midnight when the moon
Peers through the skylight
Shut the office door
Jot down the heart’s murmurings

Between mommy kisses
And dirty dishes
Morning commute
The daily reboot
Somewhere in the midst of busy-ness
The day offers fleeting solitude
For introspection,
Furious scribbling,
Blessed connection with soul

© SpiritLedBlog 2013

Becoming a Creator

I took a long rest
A turning inward that started small
But grew to encompass a year or so sabbatical
During which I cloaked myself
In the caterpillar’s cocoon
Unknowing, going in, that change was inevitable
Only enjoying the solitude
The exploration of self
After so many years of living for the world
A short time (in the grand scheme of things)
To live for me

The caterpillar doesn’t realize
When she spins her protective barrier
That her entire makeup
Entirely new life is formed during her rest
And all the while the world goes on

I had a vision
I was on the edge of a ravine
With no end
Only unknown darkness
Those on the far side called, “We’re waiting.”
“Take the step.”
But I was too afraid
I was curious, felt the confines
Of the safety I’d created
But I wasn’t ready
And my uneasiness grew

Have you ever felt like you’re on the precipice,
Building up to a magnificent crescendo,
After which life as you know it
Will never be the same?
My wings were starting to form

The music became faster
The drumbeat more frantic
The tenseness of solitude
Began to nudge me from within
For often solitude becomes a fortress
Serves a purpose for rest and rejuvenation
But can hinder growth and expansion
Solitude became both a soul’s need
And a soul’s barrier
And the rhythm became stronger
Calling me to the next step in the journey

Until the realization came–
Creation is a birthright
The inner soul seeks to express
To use its gifts to affect the world
Shutting off of mind and body
Kills the soul
And with it joy, peace, and love
Contentment, happiness, gratitude, and health
Creation in all its forms brings new life
To a world that once seemed lost
A new message for this time

I’ve escaped my confines,
My self-imposed web of safety
Though I haven’t traveled far yet
The thin veil of freedom is still wrapped
Loosely around me
Drying in the sun
With the mandate to fully open to the world

Fear has taken up residence nearby
Tasked with showing me where I need to grow
Each day I take a step off that ravine
Into a darkness like no other
Each time I emerge with more
From deep inside
The pieces to the puzzle of a lifetime
Laid bare for all–

Don’t stand there and let the world happen to you, bending like a tree, subject to the wind.  Become a Creator.