{POEM} We Are All

misty angel

In the dim light
Of the misty morning
I see her
Reaching out her hand
In my direction

Pale and wispy, she moves with ease
Between the doubts in my weary mind
“Is this for real?” floats on my lips
As she begins to sing the song
Which only my ears can hear

She reaches out to gently unfurl
And wrap her wings around me
In that instant
In her misty embrace
If only for a moment

I know I’m safe
I feel her protection
I’m infused with her love

And as morning breaks
I go into the world to face the day
Still feeling her hand upon my heart
Her song on my lips

With passion renewed
Grace refilled
Love restored

She is me
I am you
We are all

©SpiritLed 2017

You Are the Prayer

meditating in a spring field

You are the prayer
Quietly whispered by the Creator
In the moment you were breathed into existence
The spark which lit the night
And sent awareness into the skies

You are the prayer
Silently held in the lonely chapel
Beads tightly gripped in sweaty hands
Hoping for a god of miracles

You are the prayer
The joyous celebration of songs sung
From the high cathedrals of the heart
Echoing through the halls of your soul

You are the prayer
Of the grasses and trees
The flowers, the streams, the wind, and the bee
You are the last hope, the savior
The one wields the power to harvest the future

You are the prayer, the song
The sanctuary of the collective soul
You are the one you’ve been waiting for

©SpiritLed 2016

We Are Home

Eternal Journey

The gentle song
Moves through my heart again
Echoing like a lifetime of love contained
Connecting to all the crusty parts
Singing, “You are home”

And yet I resist,
I draw it out with everyday noise
Though humming the tune
When no one is watching
Humming, reviving, you are home

And why, I ask
Does life move so slow?
Why must I wait for the good things?
And the song still courses through my veins
You are home

Time it takes
The time it takes
Until we see the truth
Until we sing our song
Until we know we are home

©SpiritLed 2016

I Am Open

Dreaming of Self

Fill me with your words.  I am open.

Sing me the song of the Universe, that it may escape my lips
for all the world to know the tune, even if they can’t find the words.

Fill me with the stories of ancients, that I might know the destiny of man
and speak the message to all who hear.

Fill me with the glory and the power of the Christ, let me know the sacrifice,
the vision of Heaven on earth, Hell in our own hearts, the rising of Love.

I am open to your voices.  Your song resonates in my heart.

Purge the emptiness, fill it with your kingdom, the vibration of oneness.

Mold me, shape me in the ways you will have me best exist in this world
as a conduit of love.

I am open.

©SpiritLed 2015

One True Light

Woman Dancing Silhouette

In the glow
In the flow

Your heavenly light illuminates
The inner glow of a thousand lives

Joys real
Sorrows piercing
Engaged and enlivened
By the one true light

Encapsulated and free
Time-bound and timeless
Dancing on a moonbeam
With stars as fiery hair

A millennia of song caressing old bones
Into entranced movement

Let the dance not waiver
Let the music never cease

©SpiritLed 2015

The Rising

Mountain hiker in front of sunset

Each day it’s there
The words buried deep inside
Fighting to come out

To form the description of your being
Write the song of your soul
Upon the lips of those who speak you

Each day it’s there
Dying to get out
Climbing, clawing from the depths

Always reaching for the light
You may choose to bury it
Or hide beneath the piles of scars

Bruised and broken bones
Healed grotesquely
Covered by layers of superficial beauty

You may wish not to share
But each day it pushes against your resistance
Each year the pressure builds

As you stretch ever thinner
Will you reveal before you break
Or will you allow yourself to shatter

Into a confetti parade of you,
Your beauty and your anger
Raining down on passersby

As if that’s your only choice
And anyway, they don’t seem to mind
Yet afterward they brush you off

And you’re left there in the street
Forgotten and discarded
Or rather will you let the rising take form

Release at your own will
Form the words of your own song
Released to the hearts of man

©SpiritLed 2015