Daily Bliss – May 18

The Angels remind us that we are all struggling or hurting in some way, most of us silently.  A little bit of listening goes much farther than the contempt we see so much of today.  When we find it difficult to tap into a place of openness for a person or situation, we can call on the Angels to help us find the space we need.  

What Time Does Love Take?

Summer love

What time does love take?
Time to fill us up and still leave room for more
To be burned and still long for the heat
To be cut and still desire the pain

In love, we come together as one
All pretenses fall away
Only souls laid bare and open
With the intensity of true connection

Time held for fighting does not fill the emptiness
Only open hearts,
Open to love
The hunger this aching world needs to be sated

What time does love take?
All the time in the world
And all the space in our hearts

©SpiritLed 2016

Greater Space

Night Sky

There are moments that seem fleeting
Like a firefly on a summer night
Barely experienced before they’re gone again

Yet those insignificant moments
Accumulated into one lifetime
Paint a picture like stars across a night sky

Lighting one by one
To illuminate the dark spaces
Connect the dots
Create meaning out of thin air

Reality in the sky connects heaven
To the earthly meekness below
Beneath the starlit blanket of night
Insignificant yet masterful

Reaching up to touch each one
Fingers burning with desire
For wholeness and connection

Within that greater space
And what may lie beyond
Fleeting, yet whole

©SpiritLed 2015