Daily Bliss – August 2

The Angels want us to remember:  if someone is needing help, help them.  If someone is hungry, feed them.  If someone is hurting, help relieve their pain.  If someone needs love, love them.  There is no shame in lifting someone else up, even if they don’t seem to deserve it.  All are worthy in the eyes of Spirit. 

Spirit Love

Angel holding a red heart on sky

The love of spirit
Fills you up
Lifts you up
Raises you to your true vibration

Who are we to deny it?
Who are we to refuse love?
The longing for love in our hearts
So often sought
Is mistaken for physical love
Human love
Love that someday ends

The love we seek has no end
No beginning
It is with us always,
In us and around us
Always available

For heart-mending
All with Spirit love

©SpiritLed 2016

Scattered Pieces of My Soul

Heart of dried petals of tea rose on blue background

As the sun rises again
The scattered pieces of my soul,
Strewn on the winds of time and change,
On waves of great pain and greater loss,

They call to me
Their voices lifting, lilting
Raising in vibration
To the tune of my own song

Calling, calling
Calling me home

And Spirit reaches out
Expands to embrace the rising chorus,
Gathers the lost children making their homes
In other people’s worlds

Raises its mighty wings with the rising light
And gently, tenderly assembles
My scattered, tattered bits,
My worthiness and belonging,

My gratified, satisfied soul,
Returned to perfect wholeness

©SpiritLed 2016

Thread of Spirit

Photo Dreamcatcher in ethnic style, hand-made from eco materials - willow branches, flax thread, feathers, skeletonized leaves and wooden beads

We’re offered wealth and riches daily
And yet we turn away in wanting and despair
We don’t see it right in from of us
Because it doesn’t look spendable

For it isn’t
The wealth we’re offered is our open hearts
Receiving all of the love and joy
Available in this life

The riches we’re offered are the connections we make
With those we know and those we’ve yet to meet
Connected by the thread of spirit
Across a thousand lifetimes

Open to the love and joy always around and within us
Open to the connections
Make this life complete

©SpiritLed 2015