Daily Bliss – August 16

The Angels remind us that sometimes we are connected and balanced and clear….and sometimes we’re not.  Sometimes the winds of change blow so strongly that all we can do is anchor ourselves until the storm passes.  Thankfully, we always have an internal anchor on which to depend. 

The Time When Light Won

Staircase praise

If at first
You don’t reach the light
Try, try again,
For the light is not found fleeting,
Yet we are,
Our thoughts lost
In insincere and meandering ways,
Victims of the chaos that surrounds
With no preference to whom it takes asunder
In the throes of life

And so, we must not give up hope
Or lose ourselves to fear,
No matter how justified,
For these are the days of fortitude
And progress through transgression,
These are the days when we will recall
To our children’s children
The time when Light won

©SpiritLed 2017

Let Go

Refreshing rain

When the winds of change howl against you,
Let them in
Don’t bar the door on presumptions
That they can be kept at bay

No, let the furies in to ravage the dark places
And forcefully clear decay from shelves and corners
Once carefully placed and now discarded and forgotten,
Yet still impactful in ways not readily recognizable
Pervasive, painful habits, distorted thinking
Still living lives gone past

Let them go,
Though the cords pull tight
As if sending a carefully nurtured child off to camp
These children raised by you no longer serve you
They’ve now run off in the darkness
Seeking freedom in someone else’s dream,
Howling, crying, quietly whispering

Let them go
Let the winds carry them where they need to be
Let your soul be free

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – November 29

The Angels remind us that finding peace means being willing to go through the noise, the disturbances, the distractions in order to reach the calm eye of the storm. Even then, we’ll eventually have to keep moving on through  to the other side, knowing that peace is always available within whenever we need respite and connection. 

Daily Bliss – September 28

This life gives, and it takes away, and we often can’t know the rhyme or reason for it.  What we can reach for though, is that center of the storm where there is peace.  An anchor doesn’t keep the boat from rocking on the waves, but it does prevent it from drifting aimlessly out to sea.  Reach inside, find your anchor, your peace, and reside there until the storm passes.