Daily Bliss – July 27

The Angels remind us that just because everything seems to be crashing down around us, we’re not required to crash down with it.  Each day, we have a choice to gather our internal forces or to shrink in the face of difficulty.  Some days, shrinking may truly be the best option.  Other days–most days–we can choose to rise in strength. 

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Daily Bliss – July 17

The Angels remind us that there will always be naysayers who spend their energy criticizing the work of others.  Though disheartening, we need this balance. We can be open to their message, hold onto any nuggets of insight they share, and keep moving forward anyway, with new wisdom and inner strength. 

For more inspiration and info for Awakening Angels, visit www.aspiritledlife.org.

Invitation to Opening

Magnolia flowers

Our strength is not in our bodies
But in the quality of connection with our soul
In the quiet times when we allow ourselves,
The moments which take our breath away with fear
And a longing to be anywhere but where we are in that moment,
Those alone times when the voice is louder than any other
The most feared voice of all – the one which loves us most,
And with its great love, the words may also gently reprimand
Or hold the mirror in place a bit too long for comfort,
Yet even this is kinder than the ways in which we speak to ourselves,
These words, though sometimes harsh,
Invite us to opening, to healing
For our tender, guarded hearts

©SpiritLed 2016


Young asian business woman sitting on the rock

You think you’re deserving of this mess
You believe your life’s become
As if somehow you owe the Universe
And everyone in it
Penance for your wrongdoings,
Your mistakes,
Those days you were just a bitch
You think worthiness and deserving doesn’t include you
You’re too far gone
Too unloveable
Too unloved by your own self

You may not realize it
But I see your light inside
It still burns
It’s not a flicker
It’s a flame
I see you try to hide it
Despite your longing to be free
I see you let the fire burn through
The pulsing mass that is your heart
Ashes covering the tenderness
We both know lives beneath

I know you think it’s too late
That too much is invested
And I’m here to tell you that you’re right
You’re too invested in feeling not good enough
And it’s too late to say you can’t undo the past
Because I’ve seen the light
Your light
And dammit, I know you have too

Take my hand
Together we’ll uncover your beauty
Your strength,
The flame of your undying soul
It’s not buried – it’s right there in your hands
You are worth the waiting

©SpiritLed 2016

We Are Here

female guardian angel

Where are you,
when I falter,
when I fall?

We are here.

When you reach out
in the darkness
it is our hand that you touch,
we are your comfort
and your strength,
the lullaby of your youth.
We are your winged keep,
your feathered protectors
our unconditional adoration yours,
if you only ask.

©SpiritLed 2015