Make Way for Healing

Woman in Turquoise Dress with Fabric at Sea

Write it down
Speak it out
Across the cool, still waters
So that the current may carry you
As far away as makes you comfortable
And free

Loose whatever holds you prisoner
Into the darkest night,
Never to return
Unless you call it home

For you are not bound
To suffer for eternity
To grieve the choices, thoughts,
And actions gone awry

Those were yours
But they belong to you no more.
Though you still carry them,
A great burden upon your back

Yet you have the power
To speak it out
Write it out
Release it from your soul
Make way for the healing
That is to come

©SpiritLed 2017


Free Your Soul

flight of soul

Free your soul
Body and mind will follow
Basking in the openness
The awareness
The eternity within this holy shell
That is you

Free your soul
So that the body may be free
Of suffering and pain
The mind may be free
Of thoughts which only weigh you down

Free your soul
To experience all that is written
In the Book of Life
That which was, which is, and which is to come
Transcribed for your soul’s path
Held closely in the confines of your heart

Free to connect
Free to feel
Free to love
The deepest love possible
The love of a free soul

©SpiritLed 2016

Season of Renewal

Women eye, close-up

These are the days when I search for the highest calling
And find only an empty echo,
A longing for the season of renewal,
A time to shed and reveal the new skin grown
Through winter’s chill
A time of letting go of that which has outgrown
My need for its control
How to let go of that which one grew and bore
From one’s own soul?

The imperfect, messy mirror of new life,
New chances to right old wrongs
Yet the winds of change still blow
Clearing away what’s stagnant,
Leaving a fresh, pink, vulnerable skin

Will it have a chance to thicken before it’s scarred again?
And will I be the one to scar it?
The potential suffering is there for the taking
Though I may not make the first notch,
I know a few will bear my name
And I weep, for I can’t stop it
I can’t provide the shelter from myself,
Nor would I want to

This sticky, messy shedding and controlling,
Suffering and releasing is the stuff of life,
The residue of fully living in all
Its glory and defeat

©SpiritLed 2016


white water lilly flower

In the dim light
of morning
voices tumble
clang inside
the troubled mind
searching for an anchor
an open port
a place to call home
to row into shore
build rapport
with the locals
learn the customs
receive guidance
become One

The voices they call
in the distance
from the darkest recesses
they make their presence known
seek a way to enter
take up residence
bring the peace
and reassurance
long to become One

In oneness we unite
cleanse the debris
from even the darkest soul
bring the night from the shadows
into pure white light
of forgiveness
an end to suffering
connection to the One

©SpiritLed 2014

The Beat

Colorful Stained Glass

The turning and the churning
is in each of us
the desire to make change
if we can persevere
ignore the rain

The slashing and the gnashing
of self-sacrifice and teeth
the pain of labor’s love
if we have patience
release the white dove

The prowling and the growling
rumbles from deep within
the courage to make our demands known
end our children’s suffering
see them grow

The timing and the rhyming
we each find our own beat
make joyful music for the world
wrap each other in our arms
keep our hearts warm


And the beat goes on

©SpiritLed 2014