Daily Bliss – September 27

The Angels remind us that we have to look beyond the distractions and discomfort for the beauty in life.  It’s an intentional practice, with some days more difficult than others.  Yet every day has a sunrise and sunset.  And there’s beauty in each of those.  The rest is up to us to see.

This Creative Life

Purple Iris in full bloom

In creating, we find life,
The kind of life that isn’t discovered
In everyday endeavors
Or positive pursuits

But rather, the kind of life discovered
Between long, slow kisses,
Lazy sunsets by the sea,
The lilting laugh of a joyful baby,
Irises blooming in the garden for your mother

All creating the backdrop
Of a richer existence
Longer days and sleepier nights
With stars like spotlights above us
Illuminating the many miracles
Uncovered, created
Through this creative life

©SpiritLed 2017

The Gifts We Seek

Sun through Feather

The gifts we seek
Rarely come in packages we recognize,
Yet we still search for them to come
Adorned with bows and ribbons
Announcing their arrival,
Disappointed when the box appears
Wrapped in brown paper
And tied with simple string,
Still watching for the flash

In this life,
What do we miss,
What gifts do we ignore,
While busy chasing the One,
When we could keep our hearts open
To the simple gifts received
Between each setting of the sun?

©SpiritLed 2017

To Walk Amongst Tall Trees



Life presents all sorts of opportunities
To walk amongst the tall trees
In the woods behind the house

To hear spring birds
Calling across the yard
to their mates and young birds just old enough
to venture from the security of nests

To witness blue melt into purple, pink, and yellow
As the sun sinks behind the house across the street
Giant clouds illuminated by sun rays
Projected from behind

To touch the hair of this girl
No longer a child
No longer wanting to run free in those woods
Or climb the trees
Or even sit in the dusk and watch the sunset

No, they all grow up
And temporarily lose nature’s wanderlust
To pursue their own dreams,
Which today might be a singing career
And tomorrow perhaps to not step once inch
Out of the bedroom

And I suppose that’s ok
These girls grow and become women
No matter what I do
I just stand back and watch

©SpiritLed 2015