Wide Open Spaces

Vintage endless road, photo taken from front seat of a car, USA.

Wide open spaces
Lure us to places of infinite possibility
Where our minds dare not go
And our hearts already abide

Lingering in the morning dew
Basking in the sunshine
Crawling through the grasses
To find each tiny creature of inspiration

Each is a gift,
A treasure,
A moment of grace
Each embodies the newness of spring
And the familiarity of summer

Where narrow minds open to new realities,
New worlds,
New faces
Like an infant who knows nothing but connection
The wide open spaces bring us back again

©SpiritLed 2016




Like first snow falling on autumn leaves
still strewn across the ground,
this cold permeates the places
that still long to feel sunshine’s warmth

Have patience, dear one,
for the winter of your being serves it purpose,
it devours the crackling debris of your spirit,
blankets you with pure white blessings,
offers deep rest as you piece yourself back together

Then when the sun appears in your soul once more, rise up
through the wild torrents of lusty spring
make your desperation into a masterpiece,
hang it on the walls of courage and perseverance,
honor its gift of strength, always ready
for the next fallen snow

©SpiritLed 2015

Shine On

Full moon prayer - 3D render

Like a diamond in the sky
My heart lingers,
Luminous and rising
Into its divine power and presence
Capable of turning all difficulties
Into blessings
One by one, peeled away like onion skin
Each pungent new layer exposed,
Eyes burning with bittersweet reminiscence
Shining in
Shining on
Shining into my fullest potential

©SpiritLed 2015