If we surrender to the new
What may happen?
We don’t know…

It may not bring us instant joy
Or immediate relief
Because we can’t see the big picture
Or its temporary nature,

It may seem to lead us down a path
Which feels permanent,
Like concrete in our souls,
We may work harder, longer,
We may think we’re broken for a time

And yet, if we choose the path of same
We know what happens there –
More of what we’ve always known

What is the decision?
Do we risk it?
Do we listen,
To the whisper
Of surrender?

©SpiritLed 2017

Daily Bliss – July 21

The Angels remind us that time is a concept devised and only used by humans.  When we allow ourselves to go deep inside, we can experience timelessness, free from the arbitrary constraints of the clock.  Only IF we allow and surrender. 

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