Daily Bliss – July 21

The Angels remind us that time is a concept devised and only used by humans.  When we allow ourselves to go deep inside, we can experience timelessness, free from the arbitrary constraints of the clock.  Only IF we allow and surrender. 

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A Life Fulfilled

Twisted clock face. Time concept

Time keeps ticking on
Bringing with it a subtle sense of panic
For a life not fully lived,
Tasks still to be completed,
Fulfillment of dreams still out of reach

So much still to do
Before the sun rises on a new day,
Before the passage of time
Has more space between the seconds

In the meantime,
We can fit more love into the minutes
Stretch them out
And make the days grow longer
From the love that’s poured within

It’s the only way we know
To quell the human panic,
Live the myth of life fulfilled with time,
And live a life fulfilled with Love

©SpiritLed 2017

We Are Home

Eternal Journey

The gentle song
Moves through my heart again
Echoing like a lifetime of love contained
Connecting to all the crusty parts
Singing, “You are home”

And yet I resist,
I draw it out with everyday noise
Though humming the tune
When no one is watching
Humming, reviving, you are home

And why, I ask
Does life move so slow?
Why must I wait for the good things?
And the song still courses through my veins
You are home

Time it takes
The time it takes
Until we see the truth
Until we sing our song
Until we know we are home

©SpiritLed 2016

What Time Does Love Take?

Summer love

What time does love take?
Time to fill us up and still leave room for more
To be burned and still long for the heat
To be cut and still desire the pain

In love, we come together as one
All pretenses fall away
Only souls laid bare and open
With the intensity of true connection

Time held for fighting does not fill the emptiness
Only open hearts,
Open to love
The hunger this aching world needs to be sated

What time does love take?
All the time in the world
And all the space in our hearts

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – June 14

The Angels want us to know that time is of the essence for us to open our hearts to love. It doesn’t have to be this way, this hate and fear. Love can be the way….love IS the way.

Daily Bliss – June 14

Is It Time Yet?

brunette girl holding a white theatrical mask

Is it time yet?
Time to make that change you’ve been pondering
Time to get the support you need
Time to be who you know you are beneath the layers,
The one under the mask you take off at night

Or does that mask never come off?
Does it stay carefully in place,
Even during your down times,
Lulling you into believing if it never comes off
Then what’s beneath it can’t be real?

What if you just took a peek?
By the light of the moon, with no one around
What if you lifted the edge just slightly
Revealed to yourself the beauty behind it?

What if you dropped that everyday persona
Became real – raw, tender, open
Capable of loving as hard and long and wholly
As you’ve ever felt the pain from which you’ve hidden?

And what if in your realness, your true self
You find what you’ve been seeking all along,
Your light, your beauty, your heart
The parts of you lost to life
Still waiting for you to reclaim them

Lovingly, patiently
Waiting for you to take off the masks for good
And wear them like a crown,
Step out into the world as the queen you are

Is it time yet?

©SpiritLed 2016