Daily Bliss – August 3

The Angels remind us that under our feelings of being tired, overwhelmed, and unworthy, there is a deep, clear pool of nourishment and strength, which we can return to anytime we need it.  Visualize the cool, dark water, the way it cradles and releases all the feelings and beliefs that no longer serve. Float in the safety and protection of the well inside. 

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When you feel the world closing in
When it seems all is dark
And all is lost
And four walls ominously bear down
On a soul longing only for freedom

When you feel so tired
So exhausted, and you wish the world
Would turn without you
And sleep would heal all the tears
You didn’t have the strength to cry

When the pain is too much
The days are too long
The minutes turn to hours turn to days turn to years
Before your eyes
And all joy seems to fade away

When the dark night swirls around you
Know that We are here
From that place inside where you dare not go
The open space beyond all shadows
Your inner sanctuary
Where love and peace rule the day
And pain is no more

Seek us there, if you will
When this world gets to be too much
When it seems you can’t go on
We’re waiting

©SpiritLed 2016

The Race

Wide Angle View of Female Legs at a River in a City Park

Why do you run yourself so hard?

I don’t know any other way to be

Yet your bones and your back ache
Your mind is so tired
Your thoughts, scattered on the wind

How do you expect
To move the world with quiet contemplation
When you rarely contemplate yourself?

This life is not for only doing,
Quiet rest is also required
And reverence, solitude
A concerted effort to go within

For it is written that you find the peace you need
To go out and be the doer in the world
The guidance you seek to make change,
Soothe broken hearts

It can’t always be a race
Sometimes it needs to be a lazy river
Gently drifting, allowed to carry you
Where you need to go
(Notice we said need, not want)

Allow yourself to float and you will find peace,
The love and simple existence
Your soul needs for survival
For thriving
For doing its best in this life

©SpiritLed 2015