Don’t Give Up

Northern lights aurora borealis in the night sky

Don’t give up
You know you’re hearing
The sound of defeat
But freedom is just behind it

You know the path seems lonely
As if the world is against you
And you cry those lonely tears
We all cry in the dark night of our soul

You know no matter how far gone you feel
You can get back to center
The dark night’s stars will light the way
If you choose to look up

You know that your opening is your gift
Though the pain may seem to break you,
The value of the light revealed
Propels us all forward

Don’t give up
Don’t let the world get you down
Your path will set you straight,
Soothe your tears,
Guide you home

©SpiritLed 2015


Bedroom with moonlight and smoke

Twilight sparkles in violet eyes
that gaze upon a star-filled night
ponder the vastness of the world in view
questions if there is any more in this lifetime or the next

Moonbeams shower illustrious glory
a worried mind with hopes for tomorrow
soaks in the rays, feels the loving arms
of those gone before,
soothing lullabies for an ancient generation
raise laughter to the sky

Through thick and thin
disaster and delight
she takes the moon to be her partner,
her loving mistress of the night
who fuels her warrior spirit
and fills her with the courage to face each day
to know and recognize
that the pounding,  fleshy organ in her chest
brings life not from its incessant beating
but from its unending capacity
to hold us all within its crimson chamber

©SpiritLed 2014


While out for a twilight run
without gloves or a jacket
hands seek refuge in shirt sleeves
bitter winds bite exposed flesh
rip through even clothed areas
hastening nightfall becomes a stark reminder
of my frigid error in judgment

Around a corner my breath seizes
breaking me from my piteous complaint
enraptured by the amber globe
that wondrously appears
hanging heavy and voluminous
as if its weight would soon crush
the houses below

As I run down the slope
toward the warmth of home
so, too, does the moon
dip below the horizon
as if it had never
been there
at all


© SpiritLedBlog 2013

A Chance to Rest

What I wouldn’t give
For a chance to rest
To lie across the king bed cross-ways
On my belly
Feet dangling over the edge
Shoes still on
One eye squinting at twilight
Through the palladium window
Grey cat curled up nearby
Periodically rising
For a scritch on the head
Body sinking into the foam
Feeling the support
Releasing all my worries
Face down in reverie
Forgotten to the world
For just a while