Woman hand holding sparkler outdoors

What are you purging,
What need not be part of you anymore
That it so forcefully releases
Like fireworks in the night sky
Within the heart of your own being?

What pain can you let go,
What ancient past emerging
Asks not to be still buried
But rather to be free,

Out of the cave of your belly
And into the light to be atoned
And disseminated
Its particles scattering to the Universe
Becoming the fodder for your growth
Instead of caged rebellion,
Becoming the light
Which feeds your soul

©SpiritLed 2017


Young asian business woman sitting on the rock

You think you’re deserving of this mess
You believe your life’s become
As if somehow you owe the Universe
And everyone in it
Penance for your wrongdoings,
Your mistakes,
Those days you were just a bitch
You think worthiness and deserving doesn’t include you
You’re too far gone
Too unloveable
Too unloved by your own self

You may not realize it
But I see your light inside
It still burns
It’s not a flicker
It’s a flame
I see you try to hide it
Despite your longing to be free
I see you let the fire burn through
The pulsing mass that is your heart
Ashes covering the tenderness
We both know lives beneath

I know you think it’s too late
That too much is invested
And I’m here to tell you that you’re right
You’re too invested in feeling not good enough
And it’s too late to say you can’t undo the past
Because I’ve seen the light
Your light
And dammit, I know you have too

Take my hand
Together we’ll uncover your beauty
Your strength,
The flame of your undying soul
It’s not buried – it’s right there in your hands
You are worth the waiting

©SpiritLed 2016

Two Souls

twin souls

When two souls merge together
The heavenly choir sings hallelujah
Hidden wings are set free
New universes are formed

When two souls open to become as one
There is no end to their immense power –
The power to heal
The power to protect
The power to love
The power to reach a dying world

Two souls expanding
Two souls creating
Two souls existing separately
Yet creating the future as one

©SpiritLed 2015

Love Incarnate

Heart with wings captured by a flame

Our paths are inextricably linked
with the Universe,
each and every one of us.
So what do we with this?

How do we live this life
and also serve a higher purpose?
How do we hold each other in the highest regard
while also caring for our own deepest needs
and longings?

How do we not feel selfish,
but instead selfless,
in a world filled with hate
and longing for connection?

There is but one way –
the way of the Savior Christ,
the way of the Buddha,
the way of those
who have learned the hard lessons
and lived to become whole again

That way is LOVE,
pure and simple,
universal and individual
all at the same time

Love is who we are, inside and out

We are love incarnate,
loving the world back to wholeness
one heart at a time

©SpiritLed 2015


be the change

Do you see the signs around you?
Do you catch the subtleties
of human form and language,
the gestures that, though invisible,
may signify the change that is to come?

Do you feel it in your bones,
like an ache that cannot be quenched
with all the fire in the universe,
yet softens with only love’s touch?

Do you run in quiet fields
with tall grass, listening to the whisper
as each blade glides against another
as your feet swish in the underbrush
stepping to the time of nature’s rhythm?

Do you laugh as if a child,
with the freedom and grace that is confidence
in endless tomorrows
and eternal play?

Do you gather all the signs,
hold them close to your body
in the place where love enters you,
shout forgiveness and gratitude
and fiery tears into the blackened sky,
counting every blessing, every gift,
every challenge that brought you to your knees,
raise hands to tomorrow,
whatever that may be,
whatever you may become?

The doing

Do you see the signs?

©SpriitLed 2015

How Do You Help the World?

heart cloud

How do you help the world?

Love yourself
Love your neighbor
Love your enemy
Love the less fortunate
Love the fortunate
Love the dictators
Love the soldiers
Love the hateful
Love the animals
(all of them, even the very tiny)
Love the plants and trees and water
Did I mention to love yourself?

Love with the heart of the Creator
the spirit of the angels
the precision of the universe within your soul

©SpiritLed 2015


Star Nebula

In the dawning of time
man was no speck of dust,
not even a glimmer in Divine’s eye,
until life was breathed into light
and awareness into cellular dust,
fledgling gods dispatched to distant worlds
to wear foreign masks,
engage in sacrilegious battles
for wholeness and peace,
to conquer universes,
to love and give,
receive and forgive,
wage wars with self
and tear down walls of difference ,
fuel the sting of creation sorrow,
create that which is loved most,
send it soaring into freedom,
not knowing how or when it may return,
to fulfill the fate of immortal time