Daily Bliss – July 25

The Angels want us to know that the walls we create are not indestructible.  They are actually very fragile, often held together by a small number of untrue thoughts.  When we allow these walls to gently break apart, we open ourselves to many more opportunities driven by the heart rather than by fear.  

Walls Inside

Great Landscape with tree

In this life, the walls created
Promise to provide shelter,
Protection from the greatest storms,
The wildest, rockiest intrusions man can concoct

And they do—
Shuttered up tightly, my walls guarded me
Each day and night so that nothing unwanted
Or unpleasant was granted willing entrance
This didn’t stop the storms from rattling at the doors
And breaking out the glass,
Ripping from the roof and foundation fragments of debris,
And still, I all but disappeared behind my fortress

And the voices, pleasant and gentle, whispered,
“Let me in”
Promising joy and thrills not found in safe places




Reaching out
Meeting only resistance
Barely breathing
Desperately seeking escape
Inside this box
The walls all look the same
Shades of brown and grey
The fabric comprised
Of a million more tiny boxes
Over time the monotony
Numbs me enough
To keep me here
Make me forget my entrapment

What if we all woke up?
Realized there are no barriers
Except those which we create?
What if we cast off the walls
Broke free from our boxes?