A Warrior for Your Own Heart


The well’s dried up
Its water a mere trickle,
A puddle,
Muddy and unmoving
And a voice whispers,

“You must seek another source.
You’re plugging the wellspring
With your own self-doubts
And the muddied energy of the world.
No wonder you have no flow”

You must dive in headfirst
Without fear or delay,
Find where the water ceases to fill you any longer,
No matter the time or breath it takes.
Your drowning in the process
Won’t be in vain
For you will rise up stronger,
More divine than ever before.

Dive in to rock bottom,
Seek your source,
Re-emerge a warrior for your own heart”

©SpiritLed 2016

The Connection between Darkness and Light


Time to rise up,
Face the day,
Become the warrior you’re meant to be,
Become the solider in the trenches
Facing off with the darkness,
Residing in the hearts of man,
Fighting your own darkness first,

Not to eradicate
But to reveal,
To illuminate,
To make whole again
The connection between darkness and light

For one cannot exist without the other
Yet both must be visible
For balance to be achieved,
For wholeness to be experienced,
For equality to be had by all

©SpiritLed 2016

Warriors of Peace – A New Era of Love

Friends & peace warriors, I invite you to read my new essay and poem published on Elephant Journal!

“Rather, I mean tapping into that inner space inside where love always lives, no matter what happens on the outside. That place in us that exists even when we feel angry, fearful, sad, hopeless or hateful. That place gives me hope. The place that reminds me that I’m not alone. And it lights the path, not just for me, but for each one of us—the warriors of peace.”


If you enjoy it, please share!

Magic Garden


There in the garden exquisite
The blue flowers sing your name
The grasses gently massage your feet
The ancient gravestones moss-covered
And no longer legible
Offer a lean-to for your weariness
Take a load off, the menagerie seems to whisper
Allow the tender guilt to seep through your pores
Saturating the very essence of you in restful silence
When the world becomes too big
Take solace here
Regenerate your warrior spirit
Cleanse your soul with the scent and sounds
Of nature’s sweetness
To rise and redeem another day

©SpiritLed 2015


Bedroom with moonlight and smoke

Twilight sparkles in violet eyes
that gaze upon a star-filled night
ponder the vastness of the world in view
questions if there is any more in this lifetime or the next

Moonbeams shower illustrious glory
a worried mind with hopes for tomorrow
soaks in the rays, feels the loving arms
of those gone before,
soothing lullabies for an ancient generation
raise laughter to the sky

Through thick and thin
disaster and delight
she takes the moon to be her partner,
her loving mistress of the night
who fuels her warrior spirit
and fills her with the courage to face each day
to know and recognize
that the pounding,  fleshy organ in her chest
brings life not from its incessant beating
but from its unending capacity
to hold us all within its crimson chamber

©SpiritLed 2014

Spiritual Warrior

Poem 3 in the series…

Just when I thought the time
of grand pronouncements was over,
that I would no longer find myself
in strange churches or quiet moments
receiving holy messages,
God speaks when you least expect it,
a burning bush for everyday life.

Like Hildegard,
I am called to be a Spiritual Warrior,
to use my creativity to wake up the world.
The white hot fire of Spirit is inside me,
time to summon my moral outrage,
to reclaim the Divine Feminine
and march forth to stake my claim in this world,
make a difference, elicit perhaps only the slightest change,
in a person, a community, a country, or a universe

©SpiritLed 2012